North Korea's Kim Jong-un Tests Pukguksong-2 Missile

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un Tests Pukguksong-2 Missile — What Does It Mean For The Rest Of The World?

North Korea’s Kim Jong-un reportedly showed that in the event of World War 3 or the first nuclear missile attack since World War 2, his country is ready to strike any country within a few minutes.

Kim Jong-un’s latest missile launch showed that the North Korea’s military is finally able to operate weapons from anywhere in the country, not just from an exact predefined position.

The reported testing of Korean Peninsula’s medium-range Pukguksong-2 missile on Sunday was the latest in the series of ballistic missile test launches this year. Based on Kim’s recent statements released by his foreign ministry and his continued experiment to test his missile has proved that Pyongyang is finally stepping up its efforts to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile, which will be capable of delivering a nuclear warhead to the mainland United States of America.

North Korea’s New Missile Test Grounds:

According to 38 North, the US-Korea Institute at John Hopkins SAIS, if Kim Jong-un can launch his missiles from anywhere, it would be extremely difficult for countries like Japan, China, and the United States to target launch positions with air strikes.

Prior to the reports submitted by 38 North, it was addressed by South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff’s statement that the test of Pukguksong-2 took place near Pukchang in Pyeongannam-do. However, when the updated satellite images and videos from 38 North were observed, it appeared that it was not the exact location of the missile test.

The submitted video showed a lake near the missile test launch, however, no such reservoir could be found on Google Earth results. According to media reports, after inspecting the nearby areas and recalculating the images, it was revealed that the photos were actually taken from Lake Yonphung, a small residual area west of Pukchang County, about 20 km outside the South-North Korean border.

It is believed that it was the first time Kim Jong-un’s regime decided to use this particular area for their missile tests.

“By using this site, North Korea’s Strategic Forces demonstrated their ability to operate from anywhere in the country, not just fixed launch positions,”38 North said. “Such activities also build operational experience and unit capabilities with the system, while indicating an evolving military doctrine.”

Kim Jong-un’s Take On Recent Missile Tests

The state-run Korean Central News Agency said that Kim was very pleased by the achievements because Pukgukson-2 was very accurate compared to previous missiles. Kim also approved of using this missile if the tension between his regime and its enemies escalates in the coming months.

Pukguksong-2 lanuch location in north korea
This image made from video of a news bulletin aired by North Korea’s KRT shows Pukguksong-2 missile lifts off. [Image by KRT/AP Video/AP Images]

The supreme leader said “with pride” that Pukgukson-2 is a “successful strategic weapon.” He even ordered the missile to be “rapidly mass-produced.”

Kim “said he was very happy to see pictures of the Earth taken by our rocket and that the world looks beautiful,” reported KCNA.

What Does It Mean For The Rest Of The World?

Washington described Pukgukson-2 as medium-range and Seoul military officials have previously stated that Pukgukson-2 is a land-based version of North’s submarine-launched weapons.

South Korea’s spokesman for Seoul’s Joint Chiefs of Staff told reporters that according to the United States intelligence authorities and South Korean intelligence, the launch of Pukgukson -2 has finally provided the North with data to improve their missiles’ reliability.

“Our position is that the stable re-entry of the warhead needs more verification,” he added.

kim jong un vs donald trump
Kim Jong Un, center, watches the test launch of the Pukguksong-2 missile at an undisclosed location in North Korea. [Image by KRT/AP Video/AP Images]

The continuous missile launch tests have fueled tension with the Donald Trump administration, who has earlier warned that if North Korea does not stop testing their missiles, then a military intervention was an option under consideration.

The United Nations’ Security Council vowed to push all countries to tighten sanctions against North Korea and its supreme leader as they prepare for a closed-door meeting.

The UN council also agreed to “take further significant measures including sanctions” to force the hermit state to change course and end its “destabilizing behavior.”

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[Featured Image by Ahn Young Joon/AP Images]