London Mayor: Britain Should Change European Union Treaty

London Mayor: Britain Should Change European Union Treaty

London, England – London Mayor Boris Johnson is pushing for Britain to make a change to its European Union (EU) treaty. According to Reuters, the London mayor believes Britain’s relationship with the European Union should be renegotiated around the single market, to focus on free trade and fewer barriers.

“The euro is a calamitous project,” Boris Johnson said in a speech in London. “We should use the opportunity of the Treaty changes – perhaps over the banking union – to convene an IGC in which we bring Britain’s membership in line with what people want.”

The impetus for negotiating deal is the European debt crisis now threatening all the nations in the European nation. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, investors on Wall Street are looking toward the European Union after a financial report forecasted a quarter percentage decline in economic activity in the EU this year, and subdued growth in 2013. The EU’s debt crisis is even threatening economic powerhouse Germany.

London’s Mayor thinks the people should have a choice on whether or not they continue to involve themselves with the financial problems of other European nations. At the very least he believes the British should limit their exposure.

“Boil it down to the single market,” Boris Johnson says. “That is a renegotiated Treaty we could and should put to the vote of the British people. It is high time that we had a referendum, and it would be a very simple question. Do you want to stay in the EU single market – yes or no?”

Negotiating such a new deal with the rest of the nations Europe would be extremely difficult. EU allies are thought to be unlikely to approve such a radical treaty change.

When asked if the London Mayor would some day want to be Prime Minister of Great Britain the response is humble.

“As Clint Eastwood says in one of his, I think it was “Dirty Harry”, a man’s got to know his limitations,” Boris Johnson said. “Being mayor of the greatest city on earth is a fantastic thing to do.”