The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Could Be Expecting Twin Or More

Prince William And Kate Could Be Expecting Twins, Or More

St. James’ Palace announced on Monday that Prince William and his wife Catherine (Kate) are expecting a baby.

Now speculation is growing that the Royal couple could shortly be welcoming two pairs of “little tiny feet.”

Reasons for this possibility — and it is only a possibility — are down to Kate’s medical condition.

The Duchess of Cambridge is suffering from a condition known an hyperemesis gravidarum, essentially an acute form of morning sickness which causes severe nausea and is remedied by increased hydration, nutrients, and bedrest.

The condition affects two percent of pregnant women.

According to Professor Tim Draycott, a consultant obstetrician at the University of Bristol, the condition can indicate that a mother is carrying more than one baby.

“Hypermesis is slightly more common with twins,” Draycott toldReuters.

St James's Palace Anounced On Monday That Prince William And Catherine Duchess Of Cambridge Are Expecting A Baby