Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the MTV Movie Awards

Kim Kardashian Divorce ‘Looming’? Marriage To Kanye West Dubbed ‘Publicity Stunt’

Kim Kardashian rumors are back, weeks after a robbery and Paris and a Kanye West breakdown. According to OK! Magazine, Kim and Kanye’s marriage isn’t what it appears to be, and the two are only staying together for publicity. In fact, the site has called the union a “publicity stunt.”

This report comes just one day after new photos of the couple in Disneyland with their daughter, North, and their niece, Penelope, were posted online. While everyone was all smiles, OK! seems to think there’s major trouble in paradise. OK! Magazine suggested that there had been problems in their marriage for a while.

“Kardashian is said to be growing increasingly worried that another failed matrimony is just right around the corner. But while most people would be scurrying to keep their nuptials intact due to their belief in true love, insiders reveal that Kim’s reasoning comes from more of a sinister place — as she fears she’ll lose her super celeb status without Yeezy by her side,” the site reported on Wednesday.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West haven’t had the easiest time together over the past year. Their lives have been very stressful, to say the least, but does that mean that a split is inevitable? Some unnamed sources seem to think that the trouble that has been brewing is only getting worse.

“Kim’s having a hard time and is worried about what might happen. She’s sick of putting on an act in public and she feels like she can’t keep it up. Kanye’s been so busy that he found it hard to keep in touch while he was away,” a source supposedly said.

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While the two looked really chill in Disneyland this week, a source said that Kardashian feels as though her husband has been “distant” lately.

“Kim thinks he’s distant. He’s still great with the kids, but sometimes she feels she and Kanye are worlds apart. Kim loves him and is working hard to explain how he feels, but it seems he’s a closed book,” a source explained.

Little of their relationship is shown on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, and Kim has become more private since she was robbed in Paris earlier this year. It very well could be that her decision to keep her marriage out of the public eye (when she can) has led people to believe that things aren’t going well at home.

On recent episodes of KUWTK, however, Kim talked about wanting to have another baby. Although her health won’t allow her to do so naturally, it’s something that Kim and Kanye apparently want. They have two beautiful children — North and Saint — but have said that they’d like a third.

My little man

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Surely, the tabloids would tell you that Kimye wants another baby to try and “save” their broken marriage. However, it doesn’t sound like they will be able to expand their brood.

“She knows how much of a boost being with Kanye has given her so she’s telling everyone their relationship is fine. She’s doing everything she can to squash split rumors and she hopes the marriage can survive, but she’s petrified it might be too late. There’s only so long she can hide it,” a source said.

Do you think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s marriage is on the rocks? Do you think the two are just staying together for “publicity” as OK! Magazine suggests? Sound off in the comments section below.

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