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Ogling Study: Men And Women See Things Differently

In a new study that tracked eye movements, UK scientists have found that men and women see the world differently particularly when checking out other women. “While men and women may live in the same environment, what they see in this environment is reliably different,” the study claims.

When staring at women, according to the study, men key in on the face while women scan the entire body. These findings were derived from 52 study participants (equally divided between the genders) who reviewed photographs and fine art paintings.

The researchers concluded that women “tended to be more exploratory” and scanned the entire female figure, i.e., “non-face locations.”

One possible explanation is, according to London’s Daily Mail, that “Women have an increased sensitivity to any threats to their relationship, and therefore instinctively ‘check out’ any other women they see.”

The Daily Mail further summarizes the findings of the ogling study:

“When it comes to checking out competition women should not worry about men checking them out – but women instead.

“That is according to research carried out which suggests women ogle the bodies of other women for far longer than their male partners do.”

The study from the University of Bristol, just published in the PLoS ONE open source journal, concludes that:

“In summary, men and women look at the world differently. Men make more but shorter eye movements; women are more exploratory and are interested in different things … the visual worlds experienced by women and men can, at times, be very different.”

Does it come as any surprise that men and women respond differently to visual stimuli?

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