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NY Post Photo Of Man Pushed Onto Subway Tracks Sparks Outrage [Video]

Photo of man pushed onto subway tracks published on The NY Post

New York City, NY – Police are looking for a suspect who pushed a man onto the subway track where a train struck and killed him. A freelance photographer for The New York Post snapped a picture of the incident, and the paper ran it on their front page. The photo has since sparked overwhelming criticism and outrage.

Ki-Suck Han of Queens was thrown onto the tracks on Monday afternoon from a crowded subway platform in midtown Manhattan, reports ABC News. Witnesses said that the 58-year-old tried to climb back onto the platform but was hit and killed by the train before he could get off the track as witnesses watched in horror.

R. Umar Abbasi, a freelance photographer for the Post was at the subway station on an unrelated assignment when he saw the scene go down. He snapped at least two eerie images of Han with his arms on the platform, watching as the train speeds toward him. The Post ran one of these photographs on its front page today with the title “Pushed on the subway track, this man is about to die.”

Readers were outraged by the photo, with many complaining that the photographer should have tried to intervene and help rather than snap pictures of Han’s impending doom.

According to Gawker, Abbasi says that he was trying to use the flash function on his phone to alert the train. The Post also defends him, saying that he was not strong enough to lift Han from the tracks. Whether those explanations redeem the photographer is up to you, but the bigger question is why the Post ran the photo in the first place.

The photo has sparked outrage on Twitter:

The Post has not responded to the outpouring of criticism or attempted to explain their rationale behind running the subway death photo.

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23 Responses to “NY Post Photo Of Man Pushed Onto Subway Tracks Sparks Outrage [Video]”

  1. Wolff Bachner

    people have lifted cars off of kids in emergencies. adrenalin is an amazing thing. He should have tried.I REPEAT HE SHOULD HAVE TRIED.

  2. Marisela Carrillo

    I don't normally ride the train to work but this story totally hit home as I know a ton of people that do. The thought of falling onto the tracks and watching the train about to hit you is absolutely frightening. This poor guy, may he rest in peace.

  3. Margaret Baluan

    I heard it this morning and agree with you. What is this world coming to?

  4. Marisela Carrillo

    Shame on the jerk that pushed him, hope he is caught soon.

  5. Ryan Quattro

    How is this worse than Eddie Adams famous photo showing a South Vietnamese chief of police killing a suspected Viet Cong collaborator? That picture was widely disseminated and was/is every bit as disturbing as this picture.

  6. Jasmine Cowo

    This makes me so sad! How can you just watch someone struggle and not do anything!

  7. Mauro Napoleoni

    Like the video said we could have been drunk that made him slower and weaker to lift him self up an also he didn't think that he could have let the train pass over him since there is enough space if he would have laid down , in any case the animal that pushed him should not walk around among people.

  8. Valeria Sp

    The photographer tried using his flash ? Wtf is this? Of course the person who was riding the train thought it s just someone who is taking pictures..he should have signal with his hands..but his hands were to busy making money. this is disgusting

  9. Don Holden

    Drop your camera and run as fast as you can & try to help that poor man.I assure you that you would have been considerd a hero and that poor man would probably been more than happy to replace your camera. Don, t underestimate the good people of N.Y. somebody would probably have helped replace your camera had it been damaged. But asside from all that , you should have at least tried……THAT POOR POOR MAN.

  10. Pam Humphries

    They should arrest the photographer for contributing to this man's death like they did the paparazzi when Diana, Princess of Wales was killed.

  11. Pam Humphries

    Even if you know there's no chance, let the man die knowing people tried to save him, let his family know noone stood there & watched their husband, father, son, brother, uncke DIE while they took freakin pictures! The point isn't whether any attempts would have mattered in the outcome, merely that there WAS an attempt. NY this speaks VOLUMES and I hope that the same ones on the platform aren't looking for relief efforts from Hurrican Sandy!

  12. María Fernanda Vivar

    What a horrible thing! the photographer show no humanity at all when chose to shoot his camera instead of running and try to help the guy…somehow he could have saved him! but he prefered to stand still shooting and making money out of other´s people agony!

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