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New $250 Air Jordans To Make NBA Debut Tonight [Video]

The new $250 Air Jordan’s were only unveiled on Monday night, but they are already gearing up for their NBA debut. The Air Jordan XX8 will hit the court tonight thanks to Russell Westrbook during the Thunder’s game against the Nets.

Darren Rovell of ESPN writes: “Russell Westbrook will wear the Air Jordan XX8’s on the court tomorrow vs the Nets in Brooklyn.”

The $250 Air Jordans have created a stir in the sneaker world since their unveiling on Monday night in New York City. Why? Well, look at them. They look more like rain boots than basketball shoes.

Co-designers Tinker Hatfield said that he wanted to push the boundaries with the Jordan XX8.

Hatfield likened the new shoe to a concept car, saying that Nike was “looking to change the level of performance and change the way it looks. Air Jordan XX8 is truly a concept car.”

Designer Josh Heard added:

“The concept behind this shoe is stealth … We’ve taken a thorough look at every single component that goes into this shoe and this year it’s lighter and it’s more responsive.”

There’s no word yet on when the $250 Air Jordans will hit stores, but they will hit the court tonight.

Here’s a video about the Air Jordan XX8.

Here’s a description of the shoe from Nike:

“The lightest, most responsive Air Jordan to date, the shoe sports a zip-up lace shroud that offers ample versatility, with the zipped-up fit climbing over the ankle and enhancing stability, while unzipping completely alters the fit and look of the shoe. Beneath that shrouded upper is the performance-driven “Jordan Flight Plate” under the footbed, which, as Jordan Brand puts it, is engineered for “unlocking the power of Nike Zoom units.”

What do you think of the Air Jordan XX8?