Dead Accounts

Katie Holmes Reportedly Crushed Over Bad Broadway Reviews

Katie Holmes is reportedly crushed about the bad reviews her new Broadway play has received, according to Radar Online.

Since the actress was excited about her turn in Dead Accounts, the bad press reviews she’s received has left her feeling a little down in the mouth. However, Holmes is ready and willing to make any necessary improvements to her performance.

“Katie was devastated about the reviews because she’s always been so passionate about Broadway,” a source explained to the gossip website. “It was her first love, well before she starred in Dawson’s Creek or any Hollywood movies. Appearing on Broadway was her childhood dream.”

Since she doesn’t want the play to crash and burn, Holmes is reportedly taking part in a few extra rehearsals in order to improve her performance. The actress is anxious to get her career back on the right path following her divorce from Tom Cruise.

“Katie will do anything to make sure the play’s seen as a success by the end of its run,” the source continued. “She’s spoken to the writers and producers about possible ways to tweak and improve the production, while taking some of the critics’ words about her own performance on board.”

Variety reports that Katie Holmes seemed extremely positive about her role in Dead Accounts while attending the afterparty at Gotham Hall on Thursday night. The Ohio native seemed to take great pride in the character she was given to portray.

“An Ohio girl is a specific thing, so I play her with pride. I liked her because I feel she’s a good sister, with a lot of strength,” Holmes explained. “I love being onstage. And this play makes you think of your own value system. Are the Midwestern values important? That’s interesting to think about.”

What do you think about the negative reviews Katie Holmes’ performance in Dead Accounts has received?