Usos vs. Breezango WWE Backlash 2017

‘WWE Backlash’: Social Media Reacts To Usos Vs. Breezango Tag Team Championship Match

The SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship match at WWE Backlash between the Usos and Breezango gave the WWE Universe much more than expected. While most did not expect the match to be subpar from an athletic standpoint, the development of the angle just was not strong enough to invest in. In a path similar to Jinder Mahal, the Breezango team of Tyler Breeze and Fandango was placed in a championship spot despite having a very unimpressive win-loss record during their tenure as a team. However, they were able to win a No. 1 contenders match and vie for the tag team championships at Backlash.

For Breezango, their run as a team has witnessed more downs than ups. When WWE placed them together, both Breeze and Fandango were having directionless careers in the company. While their initial few weeks as a team produced a small push, they once again began to experience a string of losses. The duo then donned a fashion police gimmick, which gained a small level of interest. Even with the new gimmick, the team did not experience a strong push. However, when they became No. 1 contenders, the fans started to side with the team and show their support heading into Backlash.

During the tag team championship match at Backlash, all the creative bait was thrown out, and the fans ate up every bit of it. In what seemed as a mission from WWE to get the bluntly vocal Chicago crowd interested, the uber-gimmicky match first commenced with Tyler Breeze continuing his secret agent disguise element of his character, coming out as a janitor with a mop and bucket. It did not take long for fans to cheer for the mop, and for it to be just as over, if not more, than the match itself.

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The Usos played to this by eliciting heat after breaking the mop and throwing it out the ring. Breeze then change into a grandmother, which also got way over with the crowd, as “Let’s go grandma!” chants commenced. Perhaps the most comical part of the match occurred when one of the Usos threw Breeze’s gown out of the ring, which happened to directly hit JBL. Not only did both Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton uncontrollably laugh, but so did the Allstate Arena crowd. They then began to chant “Fire Bradshaw!” which of course was not commented on by the announcing team. In the end, the Usos were able to retain their championship, despite incredible momentum by the WWE’s fashion police.

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On Facebook, there were many positive reviews due to all the bells and whistles that were presented during the tag team championship match. Although Breezango have always been viewed as a filler team to vie for the championship, this match significantly increased the stock of the team. There were opinions that this was one of the most entertaining matches seen in a while. Another user praised WWE for thinking outside of the box, which is something that has not been done in a while.

The majority thought on social media is that Breezango has stepped up greatly after this exhibition, and the hope is that the team does not get “buried” again after losing the match. Many even voiced their disappointment of the team not winning and earning their first reign as tag team champions. It is always interesting how one match can positively or negatively shift the momentum, and even career path, of an individual or tag team. For Breezango, their match against the Usos was a proverbial coming out party, and it will be intriguing to see if a lesser-raucous crowd will endear to them the same way that Chicago did.

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