'General Hospital' Spoilers: Nathan Gets A Surprise -- Maxie Back For Nurses Ball?

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nathan Gets A Surprise — Maxie Back For Nurses Ball?

General Hospital spoilers promise a week of surprises as the Nurses Ball begins at the start of the week. There are several storylines that have questions that are about to get answered, including one that has been hanging in the balance for what seems like forever. Port Charles is ready for the glitz and glamor the Nurses Ball provides, but the danger that goes along with the event is going to ripple through the town causing issues for several families. May sweeps are halfway over and the General Hospital writers have been busy working hard to please viewers.

Spoilers have indicated that a surprise return from Maxie (Kirsten Storms) may take place at the Nurses Ball. A while back, the actress tweeted that she would be back from a hiatus “soonish,” but didn’t elaborate any further. According to She Knows Soaps, General Hospital spoilers say that Nathan’s (Ryan Paevey) night will get significantly better on Tuesday. Does this mean that the chatter about his wife’s return is true? If so, this is could be a game changer for Amy (Risa Dorken) who appears to be sweet on the police detective. It was also confirmed that Bradford Anderson would be reprising his role as Spinelli. Could this all tie together? Anything is possible in the world of soaps, but it seems a little too easy, and daytime fans know that everything comes with a price.


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Movement in the mystery surrounding Morgan’s (formerly Bryan Craig) death is happening this week also. Several spoilers have alluded to a discovery Andre (Anthony Montgomery) is about to make, which means there is going to be plenty for Ava (Maura West) to worry about. She believes she is in a sweet spot with Sonny (Maurice Benard) because of his affair with Martina (Daya Vaidya), but that will all come crashing down when her misdeeds are revealed. General Hospital fans have heard rumors of a possible reconciliation between Sonny and Carly (Laura Wright) when they work together to solve the mystery of their son’s death. This is about to come to a head and when it does, Ava better run for her life.

Jake (Hudson West) is about to unleash the Chimera Project on the unsuspecting people attending the Nurses Ball with his solo magic act. The idea that he is somehow connected to Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) has surfaced through various spoiler sites without much information to back it up. However, she may become a victim of the deadly poison which her father, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) sold to Helena (Constance Towers) several years ago. All of this ties into Alex (Finola Hughes) being in Port Charles. General Hospital fans will get to see the actress bantering with herself back and forth as Anna (Finola Hughes) and Alex talk about what happened and try to find the whereabouts of the Chimera Project before it is too late.

With the week General Hospital spoilers are teasing, there should be plenty of drama to hold viewers over. With the Nurses Ball and a special guest star appearance by Mario Lopez to the quest to get justice for Morgan, the twists and turns are going to be worth the wait. May sweeps is one of the busiest times for soaps and this year, General Hospital has really upped the ante. Fans hope that Kirsten Storms does make her way back to work in time for Maxie to save Nathan from Amy. Spoilers promised several performances fans would be impressed with, including phenomenal opening and closing acts. As the second half of the month winds down, there is plenty to look forward to. Port Charles residents are going to find danger this week and it may cost someone their life.

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