Sheryl Crow wants POTUS Trump impeached.

Sheryl Crow Speaks Out Against POTUS Trump, Wants Him Impeached ‘Sooner Than Later’

You can add Sheryl Crow to the list of celebs calling for POTUS Trump to be impeached. Apparently, the “If It Makes You Happy” singer isn’t a fan of President No. 45, and she made her feelings clear during a recent televised interview. That interview aired on May 18 across the pond on ITV’s morning news and talk show, Good Morning Britain, and in it Sheryl Crow expressed deep-seeded doubts about the Trump presidency.

Not to mention admitting that she’s definitely talked whimisically and hopefully of Trump being impeached in the future. The nearer the better.

As AOL News reports, the award-winning and widely lauded country-rock singer called the Trump administration “144 days [of] nothing but chaos,” adding that the problems caused by the current presidency have “kept me up at night.”

“It’s my hope that sooner than later he’s not in office any more, I mean the word impeachment definitely comes out of my mouth but what we need is a functioning government and it’s been for the last 144 days nothing but chaos.”

According to 55-year-old Crow, while she’s waiting impatiently for the POTUS to be impeached, many of his supporters who cast their ballots in his direction during the highly-contested 2016 presidential campaign are simply waiting on Trump to make good on his economic campaign promises. Sheryl Crow claims that she’s “worried” for those voters, too. Check out what she had to say below.

Reportedly, Sheryl Crow’s reference to “144 days of chaos” had to do with the ongoing (and increasingly widespread and volatile) Russian campaign interference drama. Since he was sworn in, POTUS Trump and his campaign and administration have been widely accused of colluding with Russia to “fix” or otherwise sway the U.S. presidential election. Within the last two weeks, Trump even fired FBI director James Comey, who was heading up the Russia-Trump investigation.

According to the POTUS, the decision had nothing to do with Comey investigating possible ties to Russia. However, the aftermath of the firing has, as The Hill reports, moved talk of him being impeached “from conspiracy theory to mainstream.”

As Daily Mail reports, Sheryl Crow carries in her veins blood firmly rooted in U.S. politics. The great-granddaughter of Missouri Republican congressman Charles A. Crow, (he served one term in the Sixty-first Congress in the early 1900s), Sheryl pays attention both to politics and the folks impacted by the decisions of politicians.

And it is those American voters that Sheryl Crow claimed to be concerned about as she admitted that she wants the POTUS impeached and that she’s spoken openly of his potential impeachment in her daily life. Voters who believed in the campaign promises that were made and who continue to be hurting in the same way today as they were when they voted in the 2016 election. Crow says those people have been her worry “from the very beginning.”

“People are hoping he’s going to deliver for them. There are a lot of people who are hurting in America just like all over the world and they believed in him and it’s been my worry from the very beginning.”

Sheryl Crow is far from the only Hollywood celebrity to have come out swinging against POTUS Trump. Celebs such as Michael Moore, George Clooney and Stephen King, who recently took to social media to demand Trump be impeached.

In fact, Sheryl Crow’s views on the POTUS, including her wish that he will be impeached “sooner than later,” have been widely echoed across La La Land, and conservative celebrities who have thrown their weight behind Trump have complained that their views are unpopular and even career-impeding.

Just two months ago, actor and comedian Tim Allen compared being a conservative in Hollywood to living in Nazi Germany, a sentiment that outraged The Anne Frank Center and many across social media. In early May, ABC announced that Allen’s sitcom Last Man Standing was canceled, despite being one of the network’s most popular shows.

Fans of Tim Allen believe that the decision to cancel Last Man Standing was based on Allen’s outspoken pro-Trump, conservative political views. According to ABC, the show was canceled due to a scheduling conflict.

What do you think about Sheryl Crow’s Trump talk? Do you believe that it’s inappropriate for celebs to use their platform to play politics, or is mixing celebrity status and political beliefs acceptable now that we have a former reality TV star in the White House? Should Sheryl Crow be publicly calling for a sitting POTUS to be impeached? Let us know in the comments below.

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