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When Is The ‘Clash Of Clans’ Update? Can May 2017 Boat Update Live Up To The Hype?

So when is the Clash of Clans update going to finally take place? Maybe tonight? The long-awaited May 2017 Clash of Clans boat update has been hyped up by Supercell since the beginning of the month. Now it appears that everything may be in place for gamers to log on early Monday morning (May 22) and see that they have some new features within the application.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Captain’s Log: Day 5 video was posted by Supercell on Saturday (May 20), showing how Hog Rider and his friends have finally found land on the other side of the sea. This likely brings an end to the long journey by the characters that was designed to keep users interested in the hype surrounding the new upload for the game. The forum moderators have been posting hints about what has been coming for weeks. It had many gamers posting in the forums and asking, “When is the Clash of Clans update happening?”

On Sunday morning (May 21) the main forum thread about the Clash of Clans boat update had some new information posted to it. Though the moderator did confirm that the update wouldn’t be taking place today, they also posted a huge piece of information that has caused the forums to continue buzzing through most of the early afternoon hours.

“The update is SUPER soon. Once I can nail down the date for you guys I will. I will be updating the radar daily (hopefully today was the last edit).”

Supercell forum moderator LachNessMeownster may have just stated that the next Clash of Clans download could be available on Monday. This could be the moment that gamers have been waiting all month to finally see or it could just be another way to hype up the game in order to keep interest at a higher level than normal. Ending the message with a heavy hint that they hoped today was the last edit needed to update the “radar” could also be a nod to users who are continuously refreshing the forum page.

There are already thousands of new forum posts and responses about when the Clash of Clans update is going to take place. Some gamers are suggesting that this does indeed mean that it will come at the beginning of the week, while others have become jaded by the waiting process. Patience has worn pretty thin for a lot of people who check out the Supercell forums every day, with quite a few comments stating that they are tired of waiting. This is what typically happens with gaming updates, though, as Supercell wants to make sure there are no bugs on release day.

For now, users can take the time to go watch the five Captain’s Log videos that were given to gamers to take up some time before the improvements to the game go into place. A website was set up by Supercell to view them all on one screen and it only takes roughly five minutes to get through all of them. While they don’t confirm any of the rumors about a second village, a night mode, new ways to get loot (elixir and gold), or any of the other rumored bells and whistles coming with the May 2017 update, the videos have been entertaining for some viewers.

So when is the Clash of Clans update? The official answer still hasn’t been given, but at least there is new information that just about guarantees it will take place within the next week. For a lot of game-players, the most recent forum update serves as a statement that it will take place on Monday (May 22). That would certainly please a lot of people who play the game and have taken the weekend off from looking for Supercell to upload something. The next question will be whether the Clash of Clans boat update can actually live up to all the company-generated hype.

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