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Reese Witherspoon Visits Her Old Stanford Dorm, Surprises Girl Who Lives There Now

Reese Witherspoon may be known for her glitzy and glamorous Hollywood life, but the 41-year-old actress was once a college co-ed at Stanford dreaming about her future. This weekend, Witherspoon visited her old school to talk to the Stanford Business School, where she shared some of her dreams, as well as reflected on her time there.

Although Reese Witherspoon quit Stanford to pursue acting, it still has a huge place in her heart. She even knocked on the room of her old dorm to see what it looks like now, and was welcomed in by one of the current tenants.

“Surprise! While re-visiting @Stanford, I popped by my old dorm room…. and met its newest tenant, Caitlyn! She was so nice; she even welcomed me in!”

Who wouldn’t welcome in Reese Witherspoon if she made an appearance at their door?

The pair posed for an Instagram photo in the room Reese once called home before she sat down and talked with the students of Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

“Thank you @stanfordbusiness for having me yesterday.It was a honor to share my experiences and chat with all of you bright minds. Keep studying hard and dreaming big!” she wrote on her Instagram.

The Big Little Lies star recently appeared on The Ellen Show in which she teased that there could be a Season 2 for the mini-series.

“I mean Nicole and I produced it as well so we’ve been talking to the writer, Liane Moriarty, who wrote the book, about new ideas and what these characters can do.

“But it seems like people just love these characters. Hopefully we can go on.

“If the storyline could be powerful and compelling. If there is a way to form these women’s lives further, that’s really interesting. It would be so lovely if we could do it,” she said.

During her appearance on The Ellen Show, the former Stanford student showed that she isn’t only pretty and intelligent, but generous too. The pair helped raise $10,000 for the Child Mind Institute, which helps children with mental illnesses learn to cope with their disease and thrive with them.

And although Reese Witherspoon is one mom most kids would be proud to have, she admitted on The Ellen Show that she loves to embarrass her kids, namely by putting photos of them up on Instagram. She says she inherited this knack for humiliation from her own mother who did the same thing to her.

Reese Witherspoon also recently created her own fashion line, which she says she aims to make fun. One such item from her apparel line is a nautical t-shirt with the word “Howdy” on it, which she hopes will bring a smile to people’s faces.

“For me, fashion doesn’t have to be serious. It doesn’t have to make you feel bad. People don’t have to be snotty and rude when you go into a store,” she said.

She launched a lifestyle brand, Dapper and James, in 2015, and has been expanding each year to include more items. She says that the brand is intended to make people feel like they belong and not feel alienated by it.

The southern girl said of her line, “We create things that remind us of our southern upbringings and want everything we put out there to bring you joy and be something you’ll have forever.”

And while the star says she doesn’t wish to alienate anyone who is interested in purchasing her line, her clothes do retail for quite a bit of money. Her “Howdy” t-shirt, for example, goes for a cool $55, which is a lot more than a shirt one can pick up at Target.

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