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‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Vivian Jovanni Says Goodbye To Her Character Ciara On Friday May 26, 2017

Days of Our Lives fans are in for another shocker as Ciara (Vivian Jovanni) makes a sudden exit from the long-running CBS soap on Friday, May 26, 2017. This is particularly heartbreaking as teen Ciara never really seemed to get a break in the storyline as she was hit with one heartbreaking drama after another. It seems as if Ciara will exit the soap after her heart was broken by her boyfriend and best friend.

Teen Ciara made her first appearance on Days of Our Lives in October 2015 and was originally played by Lauren Boles. Ciara soon became the pivotal character in the teen generation’s storyline. It was Ciara who was kidnapped and raped by her stepbrother Chase (Jonathon McClendon), who had to cope with the loss of her dad Bo (Peter Reckell), who fell in love with her boss Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and who discovered too late that she returned her best friend Theo Carver’s (Kyler Pettis) feelings. Ciara never truly found solid ground and was always searching for genuine love and a soft place to fall. Her only anchor had been her mom (Kristian Alfonso) but she was always searching for authentic happiness of her own.

Ciara’s Exit Storyline on Days of Our Lives

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The current Days of Our Lives storyline has Ciara struggling on a personal level. She has just discovered that her boyfriend Wyatt (Scott Shilstone) and Theo have been lying. They had met online and Wyatt was soon interested in Ciara. Theo also wanted his best friend to experience the kind of love that he and Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) have. He also feels guilty because for so long he was the one who had been pursuing Ciara, and she had always rebuffed him in the past. Just as Claire and Theo got together, Ciara discovered that she returned Theo’s feelings but by then it was too late. Theo had moved on and found happiness with Claire.

So when Theo sensed that Wyatt was interested in Ciara, he gave Wyatt a heads up on all of Ciara’s interests. Days of Our Lives fans will remember how he sent Wyatt texts about all of Ciara’s favorite things to ensure that Ciara thought that they were compatible. Theo’s intentions were pure, while it turns out that Wyatt had dark ulterior motives. Inquisitr recently revealed that Wyatt was “more interested in her being a Kiriakis heir.”

Days of Our Lives fans feel that this may be the reason that Ciara has decided to flee Salem when she makes her sudden announcement that she is leaving. Ciara’s announcement that she is leaving Salem for the summer will come as a huge shock to her friends and family. Perhaps her mother will feel this departure the most because the two have always been close, and Ciara is the only child who is still at home in Salem. As for her best friend since childhood Theo, Days of Our Lives fans can expect a bittersweet goodbye.

Vivian Jovanni On Leaving Days of Our Lives

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Vivian Jovanni told Serial Scoop in December last year that her time on Days of Our Lives had come to an end. Jovanni stated that the decision was mutual and that she enjoyed her time on Days of Our Lives.

“My experience at Days was phenomenal! Everyone there, from the cast to the crew, is professional and nurturing of new talent, which was a real blessing. Perhaps most rewarding was hearing from the fans. I don’t think I can over state the fact that Days fans are truly special. Their love and loyalty makes it all worth while.

“The decision to exit was mutual. At this point in my career I wanted to pursue other interests. Yet, I am eternally grateful for the opportunity, love and support I received from everyone at Days and the fans. I’m really excited about the future and what’s to come in the world of Days of Our Lives.”

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