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Lee Corso Blooper: Confuses Collin Klein With Calvin Klein [Video]

On ESPN’s College GameDay, football analyst Lee Corso got his quarterbacks and fashion designers a little mixed up.

In the clip below, with Atlanta Falcons signal caller Matt Ryan on the set, Corso referred to Kansas State QB (and Heisman finalist) Collin Klein as “Calvin” Klein, causing host Chris Fowler to nearly lose it on the air. Calvin Klein is, of course, the world-famous NYC fashion designer. Fellow panelist Kirk Herbstreit bailed him out a bit by quipping, “Calvin Klein–it’s all good.”

Corso has been a commentator on the GameDay since the show launched in 1987. He was the former head coach of Louisville, Indiana, and Northern Illinois. He also was the head coach of the Orlando Renegades in the USFL.

The Awful Announcing blog has this to say about Lee Corso’s gaffe in reference to KSU quarterback Collin Klein:

“He’s a crazy old man, but I mean that in the nicest way possible … It’s classic Corso. But what is really funny is Fowler’s reaction to it. Can you blame him? If I was on the set with Corso, I’d be laughing my butt off at least once per show. But probably more, because Corso is comedy gold.”

Deadspin was a little less charitable to Lee Corso:

“Longtime viewers of ESPN’s College GameDay have come to expect the occasional misstatement or malapropism from Lee Corso; the reality is that Coach hasn’t been 100% since his 2009 stroke. Today’s mistake, though, was funny enough that Chris Fowler broke down on the set Jimmy Fallon-style, taking almost half a minute to recover from Lee Corso referring to Heisman candidate ‘Calvin Klein.’ “

Are you a fan of Lee Corso? Do you think Collin Klein deserves the Heisman Trophy?

Watch Lee Corso call Collin Klein “Calvin” Klein: