Queen Elizabeth turns 91, but does not slow down.

Queen Elizabeth ‘Parties’ After Husband’s Retirement At Hot Spot, Drives Jaguar

There are big changes happening in Queen Elizabeth’s life, and the retirement of Prince Philip seems absurd compared to Her Majesty’s robust and fun-loving schedule.

However, being a bustle of activity should not seem unusual to Queen Elizabeth fans since Her Majesty is well-known for being extremely active in 2017.

Sadly, it appears that Prince Philip will not be joining Queen Elizabeth’s busy routine after August 2017 because he is officially retired from royal duties.

According to CNN, around the first of May, Prince Philip announced he would not be accepting new invitations for public appearances, “although he may still choose to attend certain public events from time to time.”

Of course, Prince Philip’s retirement from his long list of patronages followed Queen Elizabeth shortening her own. In late 2016, Queen Elizabeth sparked retirement or abdication rumors when it appeared that Her Majesty was quitting her charities as well as staying in from church services due to a “heavy cold.”

While it is unclear how Prince Philip is going to spend his new free time, Queen Elizabeth’s reduced patronage schedule seems to allow her to have more time to party.

For example, Queen Elizabeth has been seen driving several times throughout her decades of wearing the crown, but lately, she has been seen driving a Jaguar — and Prince Philip was a passenger, according to USA Today.

This might be surprising to many Queen Elizabeth fans since she recently celebrated her 91st birthday. Queen Elizabeth has also been photographed riding a horse in the past year. Additionally, the Queen went to see her top thoroughbred, Maths Prize, perform in a horse race as a treat for her birthday, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

Queen Elizabeth watched Maths Prize for her 91st birthday celebration.
Queen Elizabeth watched her horse Maths Prize run a race on her 91st birthday and does not appear to be slowing down. [Image by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images]

With this in mind, it might not be difficult to believe that Queen Elizabeth also likes to go out for a night on the town with her friends.

AOL reports in mid-May that Queen Elizabeth ate dinner with Archduchess Helena of Habsburg at The Ivy restaurant. The Archduchess was celebrating her 80th birthday, and Queen Elizabeth fans noted it was rare that she ate in a restaurant.

Despite her “public” appearance, Queen Elizabeth dined in a private room within the confines of The Ivy restaurant.

Obviously, to be a restaurant visited by Queen Elizabeth is a rare treat, but it is difficult to imagine The Ivy might be the last public eatery Her Majesty ever visits.

For example, outside of partying at fabulous restaurants, having a posh day at the track for her birthday, and driving her husband around in a luxury car, Queen Elizabeth also hosts official state visits by foreign dignitaries.

This includes inviting foreign heads of state to Buckingham Palace, having dinner or refreshments, and/or arranging official meetings.

It is clear that her doting public wants to see Queen Elizabeth living her life to the fullest by performing royal duties and holding strong to traditions, but there is one chore the U.K. wants canceled.

After President Donald Trump was officially in office, Queen Elizabeth and U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May automatically invited Trump for an official state visit to Buckingham Palace.

While this is a normal way for Queen Elizabeth to honor the newly-elected leader of America, Telegraph reports that her royal subjects in the U.K. were begging her to cancel the Donald Trump visit. In fact, they went as far as to sign a petition that had almost 2 million signatures within a couple of weeks.

Queen Elizabeth not abdicating.
Queen Elizabeth is still active at age 91, but Prince Philip, age 95, will officially retire at the end of 2017. [Image by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images]

Outside of public activities, Queen Elizabeth also spends a considerable amount of time reading fan mail and signing official paperwork.

According to an analysis of Queen Elizabeth’s schedule in 2016, Boston Globe reports that Her Majesty “sets aside time daily to help read and respond to the more than 150 pieces of correspondence.”

Queen Elizabeth also takes time each day to sign official documents that are sent to Her Majesty in special briefcases known as “red boxes.”

Naturally, with Queen Elizabeth being 91 and Prince Philip at 95, the big question is what will happen if one of them passes away. According to The Guardian, there is already a long list of activities that will take place if Queen Elizabeth dies. For example, the code for Queen Elizabeth dying is “London Bridge is down.”

[Featured Image by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images]