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‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Nicole Gets Devastating News, Ridge Offers Zende A Job

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease Nicole (Reign Edwards) may have difficulty starting a family with her new husband, Zende (Rome Flynn). Her mother Vivienne (Anna Marie Horford) goes with her to her doctor’s appointment, and she receives devastating news. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers state that Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) will offer Zende a life-changing opportunity as a designer. Read below to find out the juicy scoop on what will happen on B&B during the week of May 22.

Nicole Gets Bad News

According to Soap Opera Digest, Nicole and Zende are looking forward to starting a family. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Nicole starts to become frustrated when she isn’t able to get pregnant.

She tells her mother that she can’t shake the feeling that there is something wrong with her and she panics that she will never have a child with Zende. To calm her nerves, Vivienne suggests that she make an appointment with a fertility doctor. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that’s when Nicole’s life gets turned upside down.

“Nicole is a little concerned that nothing has happened yet, but she isn’t really worried, yet anyway,” Reign Edwards, the actress who plays Nicole, shared.

“When she agreed to be a surrogate for her sister, Maya (Karla Mosley), Nicole got pregnant right away. That’s why she assumed that everything would go smoothly. She decides to see a doctor, just to run tests since it wasn’t happening as quickly as her pregnancy with Lizzie.”

Rome Flyn, bold and the beautiful
Zende and Nicole are completely devastated that their dreams of starting a family may not happen. [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

After her doctor runs some tests, he tells her that she may not be able to conceive again. Her whole world unravels because she wanted to have a family with Zende.

“It is completely devasting for both Nicole and Zende,” the Bold and the Beautiful actress shared.

Her doctor recommends that she go to see a specialist. Deep down, Nicole is freaking out, worried that she will never have a child with Zende. Nicole’s fertility troubles set off her repressed feelings for her biological daughter, Lizzie, which could be a legal custody battle if Nicole isn’t able to have a child with Zende.

Ridge Offers Zende A Design Job

According to Soap Opera Spy, Ridge hires Zende after firing Thomas for keeping Spectra in business. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Ridge needed someone to help him pump out a new clothing line after Sally stole their designs. He decides to take a chance on Zende’s talent and offers to teach him everything he needs to know.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers state that Zende is taken aback by Ridge’s offer. He really believed that Ridge and Steffy (Jacqueline McInnes Wood) didn’t appreciate him and feared he would never join the team.

Pierson Fode as Thomas Forrester on 'The Bold and the Beautiful'
Will Ridge forgive Thomas and rehire him? [Image by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Zende believes that the timing is perfect. He and Nicole have decided to start a family, and now he has a new job. In his opinion, life is as close to perfect as it can get. Little does he know, his world is about to be shattered when he learns that Nicole may never have another child.

“This opportunity is huge for him. Zende wants to have children and create something for his family. Becoming a designer would allow him to make his own imprint on the company, the way Thomas and Ridge both have. He does feel bad about Thomas losing his job, though. However, although he loves his cousin, this is his dream come true ouweighs any sense of guilt Zende may have.”

The Bold and the Beautiful fans, do you think Nicole will be able to have another baby? Will she sue Maya and Rick for custody of Lizzie? Will Zende work out as a designer at Forrester Creations?

The Bold and the Beautiful airs weekdays on CBS.

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