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Fantasy ‘Bachelorette’ With Rachel Lindsay: Final Rose Contest Offers Rewards For ‘Bachelorette’ Fans

Fantasy Bachelorette has begun on ESPN and ABC. Predicting who Rachel Lindsay will give the Final Rose to on this season of the Bachelorette has become a game that can win fans and viewers prizes. This is an exciting way for fans of the show to further enjoy the 2017 Bachelorette season on ABC, with an added incentive that if they can predict who Rachel Lindsay will take to the end of the show with her, then prizes could be awaiting them.

The way it works is simple. A website has been set up that allows fans to get to know the cast and play weekly games that have to do with the episodes. There are six questions for the Bachelorette season premiere, asking fans to predict things like what foreign language one of the contestants might use to woo Rachel, what Rachel’s dog’s name is, and whether or not Rachel will share a passionate kiss on the first night. All of the questions come with multiple choice options, giving fans the chance to laugh while they predict what will take place during the season premiere.

In addition to the weekly contests within Fantasy Bachelorette, there are also the overall predictions that viewers can make about how the season will progress. This includes guessing who will receive the First Impression Rose, who the final four guys will be this season, and even who gets the Final Rose from Rachel Lindsay. It’s all designed to be a fun endeavor for fans and give viewers an additional reason to tune in for the weekly episodes.

Rachel Lindsay was on the last season of The Bachelor, trying to win the hand of Nick Viall. Nick ended up going with someone else as his choice to become his fiance, but Rachel was invited to be the next bachelorette for ABC. The information leaked a bit too early, though, as Rachel was still on Nick’s season when it was announced she would get her own season on the network. It left very little drama about whether or not she would end up getting that Final Rose from Nick. It certainly helped her develop more fans before she became the center of attention.

Now Rachel gets her chance to shine and 31 suitors are trying to win her heart. That’s a lot of people to choose from in the Fantasy Bachelorette game, making it much more difficult to pick who will make it to the final four, let alone who will be left standing for the Final Rose. It is definitely going to give ABC a lot of footage to work with, though, especially with all of the attention the 2017 season has been receiving on social media.

The Bachelorette season premiere is at 9 p.m. PT/ET on Monday (May 22), with a two-hour episode that will serve as an introduction to Rachel Lindsay’s 31 suitors. They include a lawyer, a real estate agent, an aspiring drummer, a tickle monster, a U.S. Marine, and a male model. The differing backgrounds and jobs of the 31 men are going to put Rachel in an interesting position as she must decide which guy she wants to spend her life with. Will the 2017 season of The Bachelorette end with wedding bells?

As for the game that is associated with this season, the weekly contests have answers that are due right before each episode starts on the East Coast Monday nights. The season-long contest answer of predicting who will win the Final Rose is due by the time the season premiere airs on May 22. That gives a little more time for people to check out the Fantasy Bachelorette and pick out who they think should wind up with Rachel Lindsay this season.

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