Melania's $485 Gold Belt, Trump's Gold Chain Awaken Twitter: Did Trump Bow To Saudi King Salman? [Photos]

Melania’s $487 Gold Belt, Trump’s Gold Chain Are Twitter Memes: Did Trump Bow To Saudi King Salman? [Photos]

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have gotten loads of attention since embarking on their foreign trip. As reported by the Inquisitr, Melania wore a reddish-orange leather skirt when leaving the White House and changed into a black jumpsuit after landing in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. However, a gold chain presented to President Trump, seen above as Mr. Trump inspected the Collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud Medal given him at the Royal Court Palace, as well as Melania’s gold belt, seem to be getting more attention online. Also gaining attention is the fact that Melania chose not to wear a headscarf in Saudi Arabia, something President Trump criticized former First Lady Michelle Obama for doing.

On social media, Melania’s big and wide gold belt is being compared to WWE wrestling belts or belts worn by boxing champions. As of this writing, the tweets about Melania’s gold belt seem to be outpacing the tweets about President Trump’s gold chain on Twitter. However, both Mrs. Trump’s gold belt and Mr. Trump’s gold chain are causing plenty of chatter and memes to be created on the social media platform.

As noted by White House Wardrobe in a retweeted tweet from a CNN reporter, Melania’s belt is a Yves Saint Laurent wide python embossed belt, currently selling for approximately $487, when converted to current U.S. dollar amounts.

As seen in the comments below from social media, Melania’s belt has sparked all sorts of theories online, with some people thinking Melania was going for a superhero type of look by choosing that gold and bold belt.

Other people on social media are comparing Melania’s gold belt to a chastity belt, or some kind of belt that came from Air Force One.

Beyond Melania’s big gold belt, which Farfetch describes as a “gold leather wide python embossed belt from Saint Laurent,” there is also social media buzz about how President Trump behaved when he received the Collar of Abdulaziz Al Saud Medal. The photo of Saudi King Salman presenting President Trump with the gold chain shows Mr. Trump bending down, which is leading to speculation about whether or not President Trump bowed to the Saudi King or if Mr. Trump was simply taller and needed to bend down.

Meanwhile, Melania has her own Twitter Moment regarding her gold belt.

Comments about President Trump’s gold chain and Melania’s gold belt can be seen below.

“Hi, can we talk about how Melania’s belt is as a big as a handbag and Trump’s tie is SO long it’s clearly overcompensating for something else?”

“That giant gold chain is never coming off Trump’s neck. I wouldn’t be surprised if he drops a hip-hop track.”

“Trump curtsied! Look at the little bob after he gets the gold chain! That’s a curtsy!

“I personally don’t care what Melania wore (except for that awful belt), I just think Trump is a hypocrite.”

“These tweets about Melania’s belt are ‘golden.'”

“Talking about Melania, her belt buckle is bigger than his head. If you’re into shamelessly flaunting your wealth, Saudi Arabia is for you!”

“Is that the WWE Championship Wrestling Belt Melania is wearing?”

“He’s going to start rapping w/that gold chain now! NOOOO!”

“Trump will come back and say they bonded and the Saudi’s are tremendous people & his gold chain is bigger than any other president received.”

“Is Melania’s belt a play for a super woman persona?”

“Candidate has learned wearing replica champion belt plans to scare any assailants with moves and brand cologne.”

Additional photos of Melania’s gold belt and President Trump’s gold chain can be viewed via the Getty Images gallery of photos tagged with Mr. and Mrs. Trump’s names.

[Featured Images by Evan Vucci/AP Images]