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Kristen Stewart Reportedly ‘Frustrated’ By Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

After spending a few months trying to get back into Rob Pattinson’s good graces, Kristen Stewart is said to be “frustrated” by Robert Pattinson’s apathy over their relationship. Stewart, who made a public apology to Pattinson following the release of raunchy pictures that alluded of a romantic tryst with director Rupert Sanders, has reportedly done everything she can to make their relationship work.

Robert Pattinson eventually took her back and the two were arm and arm for many Twilight events in November. However, it isn’t smooth sailing for the couple, who have since reunited after the cheating scandal. It is said that Pattinson is still upset and doesn’t know whether or not he can truly trust Stewart and is therefore “playing hard to get.”

According to a source claiming to RadarOnline, “Rob and Kristen are at a crossroads right now as to whether he finally accepts they are back together or not.” The source continued, “Kristen has been trying so hard to win Rob back, she’s been hanging out with his friends and she even went to London to make a good impression with Rob’s family over the Thanksgiving holiday.”

On the opposing side of their relationship is Rob’s sisters, Lizzy and Victoria, who he’s said to be very close to. The sisters were allegedly very livid and didn’t support Robert taking Kristen back. However, Stewart, who will soon be promoting her new film On The Road, has tried to save face and bury the hatchet with his family. The source continued, “The problem is, Rob is still dithering on what to do. I think Kristen is now at the stage where she feels it is time for him to get over her affair or perhaps move on.”

Do you think Robert Pattinson will continue his relationship with Kristen Stewart, or will the two go separate ways?

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2 Responses to “Kristen Stewart Reportedly ‘Frustrated’ By Robert Pattinson”

  1. Lulu Collazo

    OMG! I need to laugh! I was under a spell, still am. I watched an interview about some women my age obsessed with this Saga and explained it reminded them of their first love. I guess that's so true about me as well. But, life goes on and maybe our Edward and Bella fell in love off screen, cause it happens to people when working for so long together. After what happened, he will be reluctant to forget as I have mentioned before, because that's men's nature when it comes to an indiscretion. He might have actually gone out with other women during this time, but, it's always about this double standard culture of ours that won't forgive and forget women. So sad, but the truth! I like them both and I think they are better off without each other at this point in their life. They need space to work on their professional and personal lives. And after all love grows fonder when you're apart, maybe that's exactly what they need to realize if it's really meant to be, or if they should just move on. It is unlikely he will forget and that is bad news for both. He will always love her and hold back because of his upbringing and conventional ways about the subject, he will suffer for that. She will be ok, she did what she had to do, to say she was sorry takes courage and she meant it. She will be at peace with her heart and mind because she went all the way to try to make ammends. Nobody should be punished FOREVER. Again, I wish them the best.

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