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Bloody Zimmerman Photo From The Night Trayvon Martin Was Killed Released

george zimmerman

A bloody photo of George Zimmerman was released today by his defense team.

Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon Martin on February 26, 2012, claims that he killed the teenager in self defense. The photo was released by Zimmerman’s defense attorney, Mark O’Mara, who claims that the photo was taken shortly after Martin was killed.

O’Mara writes on his website:

“This is a photo of George Zimmerman taken by a police officer on the night of February 26, 2012. A black and white photocopy of this image was provided by the State in the first Discovery.”

Florida Today reports that Zimmerman is currently out on $1 million bail as he awaits his second-degree murder trial.

O’Mara set up the website,, in order to upload evidence and take donations to pay for Zimmerman’s defense fees. Zimmerman and O’Mara came under fire recently as they started to sell George Zimmerman autographs in order to raise funds.

O’Mara released a statement saying that Zimmerman wanted to personally thank his supporters and was sending out thank you cards not selling autographs.

O’Mara writes:

“The Miami Herald used the headline “George Zimmerman to sell autographs to pay expenses,” to describe the policy of the New George Zimmerman Defense Fund of sending signed Thank You Cards to individuals who donate. For those who look for opportunities to criticize George, we understand that the idea of sending Thank You Cards might be seen as an attempt to sell signatures to gain donations … However, that is not George’s intent. George has expressed a desire since the beginning of this ordeal to thank those who have supported him, not just financially, but also those who have offered their kind words and prayers, and he has wanted to send Thank You Cards for some time.”

george zimmerman bloody photo

George Zimmerman’s trial is set to begin this Summer. Do you think the bloody Zimmerman photo helps his case?

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77 Responses to “Bloody Zimmerman Photo From The Night Trayvon Martin Was Killed Released”

  1. Anonymous

    doesn't prove anything. if you chased me into the dark and I didn't know you or your intentions, I'd fight back.

  2. Kirk Montrealer

    JESUS CHRIST..The poor kid (Trayvon) was obviously trying to DEFEND HIMSELF..who wouldn't..THIS MOTHER FUCKER ZIMMERMAN knew EXACTLY what he was going to do and wanted to do..AND HE DID IT. fucking murdered a kid…

  3. Stacy Baker

    photo shopped seriously? everything's got to be a conspiracy huh? so I guess the police are the conspirators huh? maybe the cops who took the photo are the same cops who planted the glove in the O.J trial…maybe the photo was given to them by Jimmy Hoffa….maybe it was found behind the grassy knoll….put down the meth its causing you to hallucinate and suffer from paranoid delusions/conspiracy theories! lol

  4. Jazzy Cleveland

    *I remember when this story 1st came out & his mug shot he was a lot heavier-chubby even w/ a FULL beard! Go look in his images on google in his ORANGE JUMP SUIT- HE was FAT….his face is guilt ridden in this pic' & they keep trying to come up w/ a "plan"…This is as fake as all the STORIES he keep trying to feed the media! * DON'T BE FOOLED-Look for yourself…That's a shame & that makes me even think he's EVEN MORE GUILTY than before bc of these STORIES!

  5. Stacy Baker

    I would think that also except for the fact that he's sitting inside a patrol car. You can even see the cops' computer screen in the back ground. Who do you think released the photo? Do you think the cops would alter a photo for George? Why would it be fake? Don't you think theres photography professionals who would come forward if this photo is fake? I'm not saying that George is innocent or guilty…wouldn't it be wise to see the outcome of the trial? How about letting a jury decide whether he's guilty or innocent? Lets get all the facts before we judge. You and I both know you can't count on nothing the media says. We even know old George has been known to be dishonest. A jury should be the one to decide the mans guilt or innocence wouldn't you agree?

  6. Robert Yauger

    None of this would have happened if he listened to his orders. Starts a fight, gets his ass kicked and shoots an unarmed.
    teenager. He should pay with his life.

  7. James Hodges

    First… he didn't get any orders. Second… You don't know that he started a fight. All you know is that he followed and shot Martin. What the pictures do indicate is that he was attacked before he shot Martin… cause a boy with a bullet in his heart doesn't rise from the dead and hit you in the nose… and smash your head into the concrete.

  8. James Hodges

    First… he didn't get any orders. Second… You don't know that he started a fight. All you know is that he followed and shot Martin. What the pictures do indicate is that he was attacked before he shot Martin… cause a boy with a bullet in his heart doesn't rise from the dead and hit you in the nose… and smash your head into the concrete.

  9. James Hodges

    George Zimmerman is a national hero. Give to the George Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund and free George Zimmerman from persecution….

  10. James Hodges

    George Zimmerman is a national hero. Give to the George Zimmerman Legal Defense Fund and free George Zimmerman from persecution….

  11. Melanie Martin

    And Georgie had a on white shirt that night not a gray shirt. A white shirt can be seen, a gray shirr will show dark. If this photo was taken the night of the incident then why in his interragation he nose was flat and conformed only after a hour or two? Lets just let George alone. Like Casey, he will move to Peru where he comes from.

  12. Evony Fortysix Ruthles

    If some gang member was walking through my community I would want to know why also. And if he attacked me I would beat his ass. I would shoot only if I felt I would be seriously hurt or killed. I believe GZ believed he was going to be hurt or killed so he shot the gang member.

  13. Eric Giddens

    I think it would be pretty dumb for his legal team to release a phony picture of injuries. There would be too many people on scene who could call out the lie if they did. This is probably real.

  14. Eric Giddens

    James Hodges All it shows is that he got into a altercation before he shot Martin. Pictures of injuries doesn't prove or disprove that he started the fight that ended with Martin's death.

  15. Victor L. Logsdon

    James Hodges you are wrong from the start….he was told directly NOT to pursue Trayvon Martin by a dispatcher representing Seminole County Police Department

  16. Anonymous

    Prosecutors , you have this one rapped up, this guy has lost so much weight, with that bloody face, where is the murderer with the plummed face couple days after the death of Travon?

  17. Victor L. Logsdon

    Evony Fortysix Ruthles I see you like to stero type….Trayvon was wearing a hooded sweat shirt walking to a RELATIVES house, Zimmerman approached him from BEHIND therefor getting his ASS KICKED and to even the odds he used lethal force and KILLED an un-armed teen

  18. Andrewt Thomas

    As he shouldn't be! If your child or loved one is walking through a neighborhood and was followed and ultimately shot, I think we owe it to the family as well as our society for a trial/investigation.

  19. Eric Giddens

    I think the picture that you are thinking of was the old picture from when he was arrested for fighting with the police officer. When this story came out they had that old picture of Zimmerman and the old picture of young Martin. He was the size in the picture above when he killed Martin. Presently, he is fat again.

  20. Johnny Adams

    James Hodges he did get orders Mr. Hodges. If you haven't hear the audio that was played a million times, the dispatcher who is an extension of the police clearly told him not to pursue.

  21. Montenegro Raul

    hahahaha I'm so glad that youngster beat his ass before dispatching to heaven…….from what I see zimmerman picked a fight with a kid and got whooped and could not take his beating like a man and so he shot the kid dead in cold blood fashion……..what a coward that zimmerwoman.

  22. Amy Lewinson

    He followed that boy after being told not to.. He got his ass whipped and his pride couldn't take it.. He blasted that young man knowing that he was unarmed..He needs to go to jail for a long long time…Death would be too good for him. He needs to sit in prison and be very very afraid..

  23. Mike Bush

    I think this helps his case it shows a struggle.and lets be real why this even got to trial it's because it happened to a black boy and Jesse Jackson was marching around acting like a savior.and before I hear racist comments I do have a black sister.

  24. Shauna Honadel fake. If someone can't see that..well… then… I would laugh at them. lol

  25. Frank Lapore

    Yes it will help him in his murder trial because it clearly shows that he was punched in the face and such an attack upon a stalker is not acceptable and such an attack upon a stalker by said victim warrants a bullet in the chest. Any Negro who thinks that he can get away with punching a stalker in the face should be grave yard dead! Donations to the Zimmerman defense fund will be greatly appreciated!

  26. Eric Giddens

    Just because Jessie Jackson is a creep, doesn't change the fact that this should go to trial at least. If a person someone who is unarmed and claims self defense, it should be investigated and go to trial at least. I can understand the law being used as a defense for shooting someone, but the killer should not simply be able to invoke Stand Your Ground and have the police take only his word for it.

  27. Brittany Martinez-Bradley

    just because you have a black sister doesnt mean you're not racist. . .it just means you have a black sister. . .im not saying your racist im just saying that comment was unnecessary. . .thats like saying im not racist. I have a black coworker. Irrelevent

  28. Anonymous

    If someone was following you and the did not have a uniform you might react the same way.

  29. Dylan Kaiser

    zimmerman is a murderer, and his story doesn't add up. he lied to the press and killed a teenager. convict zimmerman now!

  30. Mike Bush

    Let me make it clear im just saying what's the truth is here.there was pressure on the DA to prosecute this from the black community.hell if there was a struggle I'm just saying all evidence is pointing that travan did start it.the man has every right to defend himself if he had just speaking the truth this is a race trial.and all the evidence is starting to show there was a struggle.

  31. Anonymous

    Even if George Zimmerman goes to prison; I'm glad that at least one less gang banging piece of shit is rotting in the ground. I'm sure the skittles and Iced Tea were bought by my tax dollars. One less unproductive member of society in this world.

  32. Anonymous

    After reading quite a few of these comments it's not that hard for me to see how we have Barry Soetero (Obama) for 4 more years. The majority of the people that voted for him, like a great many of the posters here, are so ignorant that it's not even worth wasting the keystrokes to argue with them. I'll let them be content in their stupidity. The funny thing is that they don't even realize how dumb they are and look by the comments they post.

    Zimmerman done what any decent man would've done and that is protect his neighborhood from THUGS. I pray that Zimmerman is acquitted or better yet, have ALL CHARGES DROPPED against him and then sues the state of Florida for multiple millions. The state has ruined his and his wife's lives just to bend over backwards to cower to the THUG BROTHERS, Sharpton and Jesse. If they cared so much about Black killings why haven't they spent some time in Chicago? Nothing but publicity whores.

    Go get 'em George. I think I'll donate some money to his defense in the names of all the ignorance in these posts.

  33. Estella Fatima Johnson

    You have got to be on Bath Salts. A National What?!?! People who give their lives so we can be free, those are heroes. People who teach for a little of nothing…heroes? Single Parents who bust their asses and still help others….heroes! A damned dummy who chased a kid down got his ass beat, because he was racially profiling the kid, not a HERO!!!

  34. Estella Fatima Johnson

    I hope his ass goes to jail. Him and the dumb ass who just killed a child in Florida over some music. Also where is this gang bullshit coming from…HERE WE GO

  35. Eric Giddens

    There isn't any evidence suggesting that Trayvon started it.
    What we know so far is that Zimmerman called the police because Trayvon looked suspicious to him.
    We know for certain that he followed Martin while on the phone with the dispatcher.
    We know that there was a physical altercation which resulted in Trayvon being shot.
    We don't know who started the fight, there are no witnesses that we know of at the moment.
    We don't know if Zimmerman caught up with Martin or if Martin ran away then doubled back and attacked him as Zimmerman claimed.
    All we have is Zimmerman's statement on exactly how the attack started. So there is no concrete evidence proving that Zimmerman defended himself, therefore there should be an investigation and it should go to trial.
    You can complain about the "black community" all you want, but regardless of the reason attention was finally brought to this, it deserves to at least go to trial. To imply that the right thing shouldn't be done just because it finally was done because of the black community's "complaining" belies the simple fact that to just let a man kill another and walk away like nothing happened is simply wrong.

  36. Siempre Algo-Loco Z

    There is also audio evidence of the dispatcher demanding zimmerman not to pursue Trayvon. I think this, along with zimmermans previous history will be key to this case. IMO I don't think that this was a racialy motivated incident. Yes Trayvon was profiled, but do you really think that zimmerman wouldn't have profiled a "Mexican, or maybe a white kid with a hoodie, saggin pants, and some sneakers? I think zimmerman is a prior victim, a paranoid, a pussy, and an irresponsible gun owner. He watched Walking Tall to many times, got his CC, and promoted himself to sheriff.

  37. Shawn Barnes

    so you're saying if an adult follows a boy(that is just as big as him), the boy should be allowed to beat the adult to death?

  38. Matthew Well Regarded Dominik

    Lets be clear here. Zimmerman likely started that fight. He used his gun when he lost control. No one believes his "he came out of nowhere" excuse. He caught up to that boy and a accousted him.

  39. Steve Smith

    If Trayvon was such a saint and the Son Obama wished was his why do they keep showing Trayvin as a 12 year old and not what he looked like today.. Liberal media caving into the Revs Al and Jesse brigade.

  40. Eric Giddens

    I didn't realize that the pictures that the media places in articles were a direct determinant of a man's guilt. Such a good question! Also, you know that whole race baiting thing goes both way right?

  41. Anonymous

    no human deserves to be provoked and shot because the raciest who approached them couldn't even defend themself…GZ is the average scarey male feeling intimidated by a strong looking young African American…he did it for the same reason the KKK did it…Florida law will protect him

  42. Marilyn Schaeffer Marsden

    this person that killed Travon is a murder___he should have carry a gun when you are on Crime Watch duty___Never__i should know I belong to one and this is the first thing you are taught,,,this is from the state police, sheriff, and city police training for the CRIME WATCH..he killed this kid and this picture is a phony..

  43. Chris Hampton

    Only in the mind of a libtard can there be any doubt of self-defense on the part of Zimmerman. Perhaps if it were you being attacked and bleeding by this vermin you would be a litle more understanding of his need to protect himself….

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