Songwriter Poo Bear Reveals Justin Bieber Is Prepping His New Album

Justin Bieber, Prince Of Pop, Prepping Post-Purpose Album: What Will It Sound Like?

Justin Bieber is off-cycle, as far as putting out a new solo album. However, word is the pop superstar has begun prepping his post-Purpose album.

Currently, Bieber is moving through his never-ending 163-date Purpose World Tour in support of his same-named album.

And what an album it is. Purpose’s realization of the former teenage idol as a fully-fledged adult artist created an impactful, positive shift in how Bieber’s music is viewed.

His comeback was catalyzed several months before that album’s November 2015 drop by the Biebs’ surprisingly transcendent “Where Are Ü Now” music collaboration with EDM tastemakers, Diplo and Skrillex.

The EDM-pop juggernaut featured on Jack Ü’s debut album, which arrived back in February 2015.

“Where” went on to become one of the most streamed songs of that year. It peaked at No. 8 on Billboard’s Hot 100 before winning the trio a Grammy for Best Dance Recording in 2016.

Fast forward to Purpose eyeing six million in worldwide sales after generating three No.1 Billboard Hot 100 hits — “What Do You Mean?” “Sorry,” and “Love Yourself.”

Not surprisingly, fans tweeted their excitement over recent news that Justin has begun work on his next album with longtime songwriting partner and friend, Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd. The pair wrote the Biebs’ 2013 Journals together, and Boyd is all over Purpose.

Boyd made the new album revelation during a new documentary about his career and life called “Poo Bear: Afraid Of Forever,” which recently premiered on Red Bull TV.

The recently married writer-producer also opened up about his friendship with Bieber and their next musical era to come.

When quizzed for details, Boyd shared, “We’re literally back recording, finishing this next album now.”

He was also asked on how far along Bieber’s new album is. “We’re just working. We’re working,” Poo Bear replied.

Boyd added, “We’re working hard to make an amazing new record and I’m excited. I can’t wait for the world to hear this next step.”

The documentary noted that after the huge success of Purpose, demand for Poo Bear’s writing skills to work with other artists is sky high.

“Even when people come to me,” Boyd revealed, “even if they have the budget it’s not really about the money. It’s about how I feel and how I can connect with the artist.”

It’s no secret that the dynamic between writers and artist is often key to the quality of what’s created. As such, Poo Bear was asked if he needs to have a real relationship with artists when working with them.

Boyd affirmed that he did, elaborating, “Yeah. I have to definitely be able to have a bond to spend a significant amount of time with them.”

However, he said he only reserves huge blocks of time to work with the Biebs. “The only person I’m really focused on like that and doing bodies of work with is Justin.”

“For me, Justin is one of the most loyal artists I’ve ever worked with. So I kind of save doing whole projects with my brother Justin,” the songwriter said.

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Heartwarmingly, Boyd spoke about how much it means to him that Bieber is so public about his appreciation of Poo Bear and his talents.

“He’s the first artist that I’ve worked with in 22 years that actually said my name in front of people. He’s such a sweetheart,” Boyd said of Justin.

“I’ve never had that done before,” he admits in the interview. “As a songwriter. I got used to being in the background.”

He continued, “I’m used to getting my publishing, but as far as getting the credit that’s deserved to me… most artists I worked with before him, they just wanted to appear like they thought of that stuff by themselves. I got used to it.”

Boyd made a point of revealing Justin is the only artist who has given him props on “different radio runs,” in interviews, and in posts on social media.

In fact, Poo Bear actually credits the Biebs with changing his life because the pop superstar continually publicly praising him.

Despite writing hits for artists including Usher, 112, and more, Boyd says no other artist except Bieber has mentioned his name in articles or interviews.

“People didn’t know that I existed before Purpose,” Poo Bear notes.

Poo Bear continued to thank Justin as the person who “brought light to me and let the world know that I did these records with him. He just wants everybody to know.”

The songwriter also said he felt grateful to the Canadian superstar because “he could have chosen any writer to work with. He’s Justin Bieber.”

Boyd especially noted that Justin is “loyal,” and “says the nicest things” about him, and “opened up the world to me” by making sure it was known that they worked hand in hand on Purpose.

As for the big question — “when will Bieber’s next studio album arrive?” — Poo Bear kept those cards close to his chest.

After musing that the two-year anniversary of Purpose’s release will be marked this November, the newly-wed songwriter gave Bieber’s fans a time-frame that might be familiar to some.

“It’ll be two years in November,” Boyd said. “He’s [Justin] just been on tour a year and half. It doesn’t feel like it but it’s actually naturally time for another album coming up pretty soon.”

Whether the pop prince’s new album delivers another hit-packed confection of Pop, R&B, EDM-Pop, Pop-R&B, and EDM remains to be seen. But that mounting sound is anticipation.

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