Jeremy and Audrey Roloff are also expecting their first child this September

‘Little People, Big World’: Jeremy And Audrey Roloff Spoil Baby Jackson, Check Out Their Sweet Gifts!

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff can’t help but swoon over baby Jackson! The new uncle and aunt made it a point to visit Zach and Tori’s little boy as soon as he arrived, and now Little People, Big World reveals the cute presents they gave their nephew.

After giving birth last May 12, Zach and Tori debuted their new video blog entitled “Z and T Party of Three” on TLC Me. The vlog is where they’ll show snippets of their family life now that little Jackson has arrived. In the latest episode, Zach and Tori gave their fans a more in-depth tour of baby Jackson’s adorable nursery. Fans got a sneak peek of the room in one of the past episodes of Little People, Big World.

In the vlog, Zach and Tori shared interesting details about the things they chose for baby Jackson. When the camera focused on the crib, they revealed that the cute bedsheet baby Jackson sleeps on is actually a gift from Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Audrey!

The black and white design matches the nursery’s interior, but what’s written on the sheet makes it even more adorable! Printed on it is a calligraphy note that says “I am a child of God.”

“[It was] super sweet from Jeremy and Audrey to do that,” Zach says on the video.

This crib view via @abbeydreamer ❤️ You're never to young (or too old) to start learning about your Heavenly Father. As many of you know, I was adopted. What I haven't really dove into was the foster homes I called home before my adoption and their impact on my life. One of my many foster parents gave me my first bible. It was a little white bible I read every day. No larger than the palm of my hand, even at that time. The family that gave me that bible taught me the Lord's Prayer and showed it to me in that bible as well. They planted the "seed" so to speak. In kindergarten, I remember thumbing through my little bible to read the Lord's Prayer day after day. I remember teaching myself those words and trying to understand more of that special book. At that time, I prayed every day for my earthly family, but I found so much peace in the fact that I am child of God. In a society that is so tarnished (for lack of better words), it's so important that we share this truth with others and keep our hearts grounded in who we really are. At the end of the day, we are all brothers and sisters, and we are all children of God.

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Modern Burlap, an online retail store that sells organic baby items, carries the exact same fitted crib sheet that Jeremy and Audrey gifted baby Jackson. According to the item’s description, the high-contrast black and white pattern is good for babies, as it “enhances baby’s vision and stimulates brain development.” The crib sheet, which sells for $30, is made of organic cotton muslin fiber and is “both eco-conscious and gentle on baby’s skin.”

It seems that Jeremy and Audrey can’t stop spoiling baby Jackson! They also gave another present for Zach and Tori’s baby–a cute hooded romper with bear ears that Zach described as his “favorite.” He even playfully pretended that Jackson was already walking in the adorable outfit.

Although Jeremy and Audrey are currently living away from the Roloff Farms, they still traveled to meet their nephew in person. When Tori posted their first family photo on Instagram, Audrey immediately commented and praised her sister-in-law for being a beautiful new mom.

I love him so much I just wanna keep on holding him. And you’re beautiful, sister.

Interestingly, Jeremy and Audrey are also expecting their first child–a girl–by September. Being pregnant at the same time as Tori surely strengthened their family bond. In fact, Audrey was present in Tori’s baby shower and the two women constantly flaunted their “twin pregnancies” in their social media accounts.

Meanwhile, many Little People, Big World fans are asking whether baby Jackson has dwarfism like Zach. Jackson Kyle Roloff can be considered a big baby. He was born weighing over nine lbs. and measuring 20.5 inches long. However, this is not indicative whether he has dwarfism or not.

Zach and Jeremy have discussed the issue of having dwarf babies on their hit TLC reality show. While both were apprehensive of the future, the Roloff twins concluded that they will love their kids no matter what.

In last Tuesday’s episode of Little People, Big World, Zach was seen talking with his father Matt Roloff. Zach was showing Matt the latest ultrasound picture of baby Jackson, and Matt hinted that the baby might be like them. Zach shrugged it off and said that if he had dwarfism, the doctors would have alerted them already.

My dad feels like he has some special insight on reading the ultrasound. We’ll see if he’s right.

Little People, Big World airs every Tuesday night on TLC.

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