Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean Shares Photo Of Embrace With Male Model, Sets Internet Straight

Over the weekend hip hop artist Frank Ocean, who earlier this year came out as bi-sexual, sparked a bit of fan controversy when he instagramed a picture sharing an intimate embrace with a male model.

The male model in question is believed by many media outlets to be Ocean’s boyfriend. The man, who can be seen embracing Ocean from behind, hails from France, and his name is Willy Cartier. In recent weeks, Cartier has appeared on Ocean’s instagram feed in candids and at events, but this is the first time fans are getting a peak at the two in a more commercial light. It is rumored that the picture is from a new music video, and that Cartier has been cast in Ocean’s upcoming video in support of his album Channel Orange, which was named by Spin as the Album of the Year.

Frank Ocean

Ocean has recently even teased the idea of marriage, having tweeted, “Marry em, make em American,” which was said on Sunday morning. However, as soon as the picture was released, fans began to grow interested, and even tweeted Ocean with defamatory content. Ocean responded to the comments in a single tweet, saying, “Lol y’all are crazy. Remember, everyone goes to the grave. Let me live.”

This isn’t the first we’re hearing about Frank Ocean’s love life. Ocean, who may change the whole face of hip hop, as the industry usually has an undercurrent of homophobia and ultra-masculinity, wrote on tumblr back in July about his love life.

In the open letter to his tumblr followers, Frank Ocean wrote about the first time falling in love with a man:

“By the time I realized I was in love, it was malignant. It was hopeless. There was no escaping, no negotiating with the feeling. No choice. It was my first love. It changed my life.”

Since then, many supporters have come forward in support of Frank Ocean. Hip hop artist Tyler the Creator paid homage to his friend Ocean while doing an interview with GQ magazine.

Do you think this is another step in the right direction for hip hop?