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‘Clash Of Clans’ Update: ‘Captain’s Log: Day 5’ Appears, Frustrates Users About ‘Clash Of Clans’ Download

Clash of Clans update buzz took a hit early Saturday (May 20). When the Captains Log: Day 5 video finally appeared, it did very little to provide information about the upcoming Clash of Clans download. Instead, it created a bit of a backlash on social media, with quite a few gamers posting about their frustrations.

Captain’s Log: Day 5 was posted on the main website for the game, presumably bringing an end to the trip across the sea for Hog Rider and his friends. It also may have made it clear that the videos were a bad idea by Supercell, as it never really gave users what they were looking to find. Instead of any Clash of Clans sneak peeks in regard to the next update, it was just 15 days of jokes from Hog Rider while he took a boat to a mysterious land.

If the intent was to simply fill time, then Supercell has succeeded in that goal. Most of the month has now gone by and users are getting really anxious for the May 2017 Clash of Clans update to finally be available. It’s very possible that users could log on this Monday (May 22) and find that the newest download is ready to be played. That would certainly put an end to the complaints getting expressed on social media that the hype has been too much.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there will also be a Clash of Clans balancing update coming with the next upload from Supercell. It is intended to help the goal of the playing field and getting users to take advantage of all the troops and spells within the game. In addition to changing how Balloons will work in attacks, there are also some adjustments being made to the spells. For users with Town Hall 9, it will also get a lot easier to find resources as an extra elixir drill and gold mine will be available at that level.

Below is the Twitter post from Supercell which outlines how everything will take place, but it doesn’t give any strong hints about when that big Clash of Clans balancing update will be happening. It continues a trend of Supercell hinting at what might be coming from the game in the near future, at the same time never really giving a true indication of when the changes are going to be available for gamers to try out.

The most recent forum thread from one of the moderators hasn’t been updated in a few days, though it did give some information about what is coming down the road. It was confirmed that the May 2017 update will include something called “Versus Battles,” which is rumored to be a way for users to battle friends one-on-one in a different arena. It has also been rumored that these battles would take place in a secondary village, giving users a second place to play the game. Currently, primary villages are used in Clan Wars and susceptible to attacks during normal gameplay.

With all of the intentional hype and social media buzz that Supercell has created for the May 2017 update, the gaming platform has a lot to live up to with the next available download. There are still roughly 30 million active players in the game, but to generate new growth, it’s always important to add new and flashier ways to enjoy it. That’s exactly what the ability to use boats could provide, so if those boats do add an extra level of excitement to the game, then this next Clash of Clans update might just be equal to or better than when Clan Wars got added.

[Featured Image by Supercell]