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Jenelle Evans Accused Of Dipping Stepdaughter Maryssa’s Toothbrush In The Toilet In Twitter Feud

The Twitter feud between Jenelle Evans and her future sister-in-law, Jessica Eason Miller, just won’t quit. Apparently, neither woman wants to let the fight go without getting in the last word, so that means it is continuing for days on end without a stop in sight. And now Jessica and Jenelle are taking low blows at each other and attacking each other’s parenting skills and accusing one another of being on drugs. Yikes.

The whole feud erupted a few days ago due to the fact that Jessica Eason Miller, David Eason’s (Jenelle’s fiancé) sister met up with one of David’s baby mamas, Olivia (hopefully you’re still able to follow all of this). David has not been able to see his son, Kaden, due to violating the court ordered no contact, and Jenelle insisted that a “good sister” wouldn’t meet up with a woman keeping her son from seeing his father.

Because of this, all hell broke loose, with both women exposing each other’s phone numbers and throwing accusations back and forth, including one that Jenelle smoked weed while she was pregnant with her daughter, Ensley. Jenelle also stated that Jessica got into a fight while she was pregnant, which caused one of her children to have cerebral palsy.

On Mother’s Day, Jenelle Evans tweeted a photo of a letter that Maryssa, David’s daughter, wrote to her expressing her thankfulness for having Jenelle in her life. Jessica then stated that she didn’t think Maryssa actually wrote the letter and perhaps Jenelle had written it to make her look like a good stepmom. A fan asked if Jessica thought Jenelle was jealous of Maryssa, and Jessica replied in the affirmative.

Jenelle Evans, however, wouldn’t back down and tweeted that Jessica crashed into a school bus full of children while high on Xanax. She also said that Jessica’s husband often brags about “having the best crack around,” both claims that Jessica refuted.

Jessica then acted as though she had no part in this craziness, stating that she just wanted everything to stop.

“I really want this all to stop seriously. I just want things to be back like they were before she hoarded my baby brother from us all.”

But then Jessica got ugly. Although Jenelle Evans has been stating that she and Maryssa have a great relationship, Jessica accused her of dipping her future stepdaughter’s toothbrush in the toilet as a punishment.

An older woman told us yesterday, "Now you know what an angel is." She's right. ???????????? #BabyGirl

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“What happened when u scrubbed the toilet with maryssas toothbrush? U never even clean your damn toilet so wtf. U knew it was hers!” Jessica tweeted.

A twitter account called “Jenelle Evans PR” suddenly popped up to reply to the comments, which seems likely to be Jenelle. The account responded to the allegations.

“You mean when Jenelle left the toothbrush next to the sink and Maryssa told her mom it was in the toilet? Lol must be talking to Whitney [Maryssa’s mother],” it said.

My sweetheart ????

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The Jenelle Evans PR account also claimed that Maryssa hasn’t seen her mom in several months and that Maryssa’s mother had encouraged her to lie about Jenelle so that David wouldn’t be granted the full custody arrangement he seems to have with Maryssa.

The fight seemed to calm down after Jenelle Evans’ PR posted a screenshot of a conversation between herself and Jessica in which Jessica has texted her several times but has gotten no response. Finally, several days later, Jenelle asked her why she met up with Olivia.

“She really makes absolutely no sense!” Jessica exclaimed.

This far, Jenelle has not responded to the most recent drama, but no doubt, it will continue. It is Jenelle, after all.

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