7 Eleven's Bring Your Own Cup Day is here, get the details and your Slurpee

Slurpee ‘Bring Your Own Cup Day’ Returns To 7-Eleven For 2017, What You Need To Know About #BYOCUPDAY

It’s hot outside, and 7-Eleven wants to quench your thirst, and possibly give you a brain freeze as well. On Friday and Saturday, May 19–20, 7-Eleven kicks off their 2017 Slurpee promotion “Bring Your Own Cup Day.” The annual event allows patrons to bring their own cups inside participating 7-Eleven stores, and fill up their jugs, mugs, and other beverage holders with frozen, Slurpee slushies. Here are some things to know before heading out to your local 7-Eleven and getting the Slurpee deal as announced by 7-Eleven.

“Bring Your Own Cup Day” is not a free event. Instead, patrons bring their own cups and the price for their Slurpee regardless of the size will be $1.50 before applicable taxes. It’s possible that some 7-Eleven stores won’t participate in the deal or even raise the price as 7-Eleven are franchises, but overall, the price should be $1.50. You might want to check with your local 7-Eleven to ensure they are participating in the event before you fill up your cup and determine the cost beforehand.

There are rules regarding the type of container you may use during the “Bring Your Own Cup Day,” and while there is plenty of room for creativity, you do need to ensure your beverage container or cup fits under the fountain head’s nozzle. Also, your container cannot be larger than 10″ in diameter. If in doubt, you might want to measure the circumference of your mug, jug, or empty ice cream bucket before you bring it in the store. Your container must be food safe and clean. Pitchers are popular choices as they meet the requirements, are food safe, and ensure you get more than the typical 32 ounces of Slurpee in your container or cup.

Your cup must be watertight. This means you can’t bring in any type of container that is not approved for food safety and is likely to spring a leak or pose a threat. Fish tanks, empty trash baskets, and coolers are a definite no-go. Safety is of importance and for 7-Eleven to continue promotions such as “Bring Your Own Cup Day” people must behave responsibly and not destroy their local convenience stores. Flooding 7-11 with leaky buckets as your mixed-matched-liquid concoction of Slurpee surprise spills on the floor is not a good idea. Pitchers, containers, mugs, thermoses and other containers that are designed for food use and are waterproof and won’t spill on 7-Eleven’s floor are required.

Next, there’s a limit on how many cups or containers you can bring to 7-Eleven for “Bring Your Own Cup Day.” Each patron is entitled to one cup filled to the brim with their choice of icy, refreshing Slurpee from their select flavors. There are plenty of Slurpee flavors available to choose from, but keep in mind each store’s selection may vary. For most 7-Eleven stores, you’ll find the following selection when choosing Slurpee flavors.

  • Pepsi Fire
  • Watermelon Lime
  • Trolli Pineapple Lime
  • Wild Cherry (Fanta)
  • Pepsi Black Cherry
  • Sour Grape (Sugar-Free, Fanta)
  • Pineapple Mango (Sugar-Free Fanta)
  • Coca-Cola Classic
  • Pina Colada (Fanta)
  • Blue Raspberry (Fanta)

“Bring Your Own Cup Day” is a social media event as well as a drink deal. The promotion is shared across social media networks with the hashtag #BYOCUPDAY. Those who participate and get creative with their cup choice are encouraged to share photos and videos using the #BYOCUPDAY hashtag. You can see examples of the #BYOCUPDAY hashtag on Instagram here. Check out the photos below for some #BYOCUPDAY inspiration.

Check out the #BYOCUPDAY hashtag on Twitter.

Are you going to head over to 7-Eleven this weekend for “Bring Your Own Cup Day?” Be sure to share your photos and videos on social media with the #BYOCUPDAY hashtag.

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