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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nina Loses A Husband, But Gains A Daughter? The Kiki Rumor Rears Its Head Again

Parenthood is a tricky thing on ABC’s General Hospital. Someone finding out that their mother or father is not who they thought they are is a classic storyline on soaps. Nina Cassadine is going through a tough time right now. The fairy-tale life she thought she would have is being crushed by Alex’s obsession with her husband, Valentin. She may end up losing him, but she could very well end up with her own biological daughter instead.

Kiki has been loved and raised by Ava Jerome, and even though she is not exactly mother of the year, they do have a bond between them. That may very well change if the rumor that they are not actually mother-daughter comes true. While this scenario has just been a rumor, Celeb Dirty Laundry says that it is finally about to happen. Will General Hospital finally dive into this rumored storyline?

The speculation that Kiki is not Ava’s biological daughter has been a long time coming. Viewers have been waiting to see if Nina’s child she thought she had miscarried would really be alive and living in Port Charles. When she was in a coma, she was pregnant with Silas Clay’s baby. Her mother, Madeline, had told her that she lost her child. However, the rumor that has been swirling is that Nina had the baby while she was comatose, but Madeline gave him or her away and then lied about it. Is Kiki Jerome really Nina’s long-lost daughter?

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Did Madeline give away Nina’s baby? [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

All that Kiki has known her whole life could be shattered if this General Hospital story comes to the surface. She knows that her dad is Silas Clay, but she was told that he and Ava had a fling long ago while Nina was still in a coma. She and Nina got to know each other when Nina was with Franco. In fact, they lived together for a while. They didn’t get along at first, but they eventually called a truce. Finding out that Nina is really her mother, not Ava, would really put her life into yet another tailspin.

Nina, on the other hand, would warm up to this idea pretty quickly. This would be the ideal time for her to find out that she does indeed have her own child if this General Hospital rumor becomes a reality. She is heartbroken over her potential marriage breakup with Valentin Cassadine. She also formed a special relationship with his daughter, Charlotte. Nina has longed to be a mother, and being a stepmom was the next best thing.

Nina has come a long way since stealing baby Avery from Ava years ago. Now, she may be taking her firstborn from her legitimately. How will Kiki handle this shocking news if it proves to be true? She has been through a lot with losing Morgan, but she has gotten her life back on track. She is now with Dillon Quartermaine and is working at the hospital striving for a new career.

According to General Hospital spoilers by SheKnows Soaps, Kiki may feel the need to choose between her new guy and her new career. If that isn’t enough, she may be forced to choose between two mothers as well. Ava may just make it easy for her if her role in Morgan’s death comes to light.

Ava has kept her secret about the pill switching, which sent Morgan spiraling out of control right before his death. Andre has been trying to figure out why his drugs were not the same strength as what he had prescribed. He may eventually reveal Ava’s role in it, and that would devastate her daughter. Kiki may disown Ava, and this could lead her to Nina, especially if she discovers the real truth.

What are your thoughts on this General Hospital rumor? Would you like to see Nina as Kiki’s biological mother, or are you happy with Ava’s relationship with her?

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