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President Trump ‘Furious’ That Kimberly Guilfoyle Is Publicly Gunning For Sean Spicer’s Job

Kimberly Guilfoyle seems to be taking advice from the cover of her own book, being her own advocate, because she has decided that she wants to be the Trump press secretary, even though Sean Spicer is currently in that position. She has confirmed that she is in talks with the Trump advisers, but now, Trump himself is furious that Guilfoyle is publicly gunning for Spicer’s job.

Kimberly Guilfoyle has lived many lives and has gone from a Victoria’s Secret model to a lawyer, the first lady of San Francisco, a reporter for Court TV, and now a Fox News correspondent, says the Inquisitr. Before the Trump inauguration, Guilfoyle was on the short list to be press secretary (many thought she was a shoo-in), but he went instead with Sean Spicer, who has had a bumpy tenure in the post, as he has been mocked endlessly by Saturday Night Live, where he is played by Melissa McCarthy as an unstable hothead.

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But while Kimberly Guilfoyle has publicly said that she is in talks to replace Sean Spicer at the Trump press secretary, Trump himself is reportedly pulling back on the reigns, “furious” that Guilfoyle has been so public about her ambition to unseat Spicer. Trump is saying that his press secretary is a vital part of his operation.

“Knowledgeable sources said that Trump was angered when she went to the press to announce that she was talking to Trump aides about the job.”

Trump and his supporters think that Guilfoyle dissed Sean Spicer, talking down about Spicer to the media with quotes over the weekend.

“Sean Spicer is a very nice man and a patriot; he’s dedicated himself to this public service. I wish him the best, and I know he puts a lot of effort into it.”

But after suggesting that Spicer was okay, she made a public case as to why she is better.

“I’m a patriot, and it would be an honor to serve the country. I think it’d be a fascinating job. It’s a challenging job, and you need someone really determined and focused, a great communicator in there with deep knowledge to be able to handle that position.”

An insider from the Oval Office said Trump was furious as he feels that Kimberly Guilfoyle is trying to force his hand.

“Trump gets angry every time he sees those stories. He believes that she is using him to better her own situation. He’s furious.”

At this time, there continue to be conflicting stories about West Wing staff shake-ups.

Im Loving this book!! Highly recommend if you can relate to the following. As Im here in NYC watching all of these people pass me by, I thought, I don't want to waist a single moment in my life. Having direction and focus is everything. That why this woman appeals to me. She is focused, determined, poised, confident, smart, kind and loves her family, and outspoken. Have you ever encountered a situation in your life where you just couldn't find the right words to defend yourself? Or the strength to stand up for what was truly right? Did an unexpected situation catch you off guard where you needed to act quickly with strength and confidence? Did you ever second guess your choices and wished you had prepared better for a particular conversation or interaction. I know I've been in those situations and can look back wishing I had prepared myself better in life to handle certain situations with more poise, strength, certainty, and brilliance. I'm at a point in my life where I just want to eliminate any unnecessary noise in my life. I want to surround myself with solid strong Godly people who embrace hard work and change. I want to learn from smart savvy women like Kimberly and absorb solid knowledge to apply to my own path in life. I want friends that know who I am and stand solid by by side as I would them. Never questioning motives or loyalty. If that means starting over completely and surrendering in certain areas in my life, then I'm ready to listen, learn and let go:) #kimberlyguilfoyle #womenofstrength #knowledgeispower #beyourbestownadvocate #makingthecaseforyourlife

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For the record, Kimberly Guilfoyle would be taking a big pay cut leaving Fox News for a job as press secretary, as Spicer’s job pays $175k per year and at Fox, Guilfoyle currently makes $800k. But Kimberly Guilfoyle is still game for the position and doesn’t care who knows it.

“It would be an honor to serve the country.”

Before the weekend the rumor mill was suggesting that Kimberly Guilfoyle was at the top of the list to replace Spicer, who had gone missing during the James Comey termination news. Guilfoyle took advantage of the fact that Sean Spicer seemed to be on the ropes, and made the case that she has what it takes to take over.

“I think I have a very good relationship with the president. I think I enjoy a very straightforward and authentic, very genuine relationship, one that’s built on trust and integrity, and I think that’s imperative for success in that position.”


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But there are others that are saying that they are surprised that someone from Trump favorite Fox News would be so bold as to undercut a Trump employee who was still in the office the way Guilfoyle is thought to be disrespecting Sean Spicer.

Do you believe that Kimberly Guilfoyle was approached by Trump’s people, or do you believe that Trump is “furious” that Guilfoye is trying to force his hand?

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