'My 600-LB Life' Charly Pictures: Can Charity's Daughter Can Follow Her Mother's Footsteps And Lose Weight?

‘My 600-LB Life’ Charly Pictures: Can Charity’s Daughter Follow In Her Mother’s Footsteps And Lose Weight?

My 600-LB Life revisited Charity and her amazing weight loss, but it was her daughter Charly who ended up the focus, as she had developed her own eating disorder and gained a dangerous amount of weight.

Wednesday’s episode took viewers back to see how Charity was doing in the years since she appeared on the show and started her weight-loss journey. It was a happy story to see her progress, but the episode left many fans of My 600-LB Life looking for pictures of Charly — her mother’s onetime caretaker who started gaining weight herself — to see if she was able to stop the dangerous path of weight gain and follow her mother’s path back to health.

As Broadway World noted, the update of My 600-LB Life showed Charity losing weight after undergoing a series of weight-loss surgeries, but the focus quickly shifted to Charly.

“Now Charly weighs more than her mother, and Charity fears her daughter may be on the same destructive weight gain path. Can Charity turn her daughter toward a healthier lifestyle while continuing her own struggle to lose weight and eventually get skin removal surgeries, or will their relationship fall apart?”

The situation caused plenty of tension for Charity, who appeared on an update last season as well.

“I’m worried about her, because she’s a food addict like I am, and I’ve started noticing the weight gain since we moved here,” Charity said (via People magazine).

At the time, Charly was happy to be freed from the prison of her mother’s health. As Charity’s weight grew out of control — topping more than 800 pounds — Charly was forced to become a full-time caretaker for her mother.

As Charity started losing weight, Charly started gaining more independence.

“I feel like my mom is trying to teach me better habits than what she taught me before,” Charly said (via People magazine). “Now that she’s not so dependent on me, I got a job, I’m in control of myself now. It’s her turn to take care of her and stop trying to focus so much on me.”

She added, “My mom and I are doing a lot better now that she doesn’t need my help as much as she used to. It’s a huge change.”

But Charly soon saw a change of her own, following her mother’s overeating habits and starting to gain weight herself.

There are already plenty of pictures of Charity’s weight loss after appearing on My 600-LB Life, including some before-and-after photos published by InTouch Weekly earlier this year.

Life after weight-loss surgery wasn’t too easy for Charity, even though she succeeded in losing hundreds of pounds. She later told People that there were other side effects including loose skin and infections.

“Since I’ve lost so much weight, the excess skin on my stomach has been causing a lot of problems,” she said. “I’ve been getting a lot of cellulitis infections. I’ve had to go back to the hospital a couple of times in the past month to be treated, and it’s frustrating because it’s really hard to keep making progress with these complications. And my body is still really misshapen.”

Those who want to see pictures of Charly after her My 600-LB Life appearance will likely have to wait on TLC. The show tends to keep any indications of weight loss from hitting the internet until after the show airs, so they will have to check out the show’s Twitter page for updates during and after the program airs.

Those looking for more photos of Charly after My 600-LB Life can also check out the show’s official pictures page, which contain some updated photos of those who appear on the show.

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