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Kate Middleton Pregnant, In Hospital With Morning Sickness, Royal Palace Confirms

Kate Middleton Is Pregnant, Royal Palace Confirms

Kate Middleton is pregnant, as she and Prince William are expecting their first child less than one year after being married, the prince’s office said on Monday.

The official news about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy came in a brief announcement from the Royal Palace, Reuters noted.

“Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting a baby,” the office said in a statement.

Kate Middleton, who was married to Prince William last April in a widely televised ceremony, was in a hospital in London suffering from acute morning sickness, the report noted. Middleton was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital today in central London with hyperemesis gravidarum, an acute morning sickness that required her to receive supplementary nutrients and hydration, ABC News noted.

No word was given on a due date, but the pregnancy is said to be in the early stages.

“As the pregnancy is in its very early stages, Her Royal Highness is expected to stay in hospital for several days and will require a period of rest thereafter,” the statement said.

With Prince William and Kate Middleton pregnant, the queen will have her third great-grandchild and a chance for the Royal Family to continue along the line.

“The British public and indeed the whole world will be delighted for the same, it keeps the monarchy going,” Robert Lacey, author of the definitive book Majesty, told ABC News. “The royal wedding brought a magic back to the monarchy and people are fascinated by William and Catherine.”

The announcement that Kate Middleton is pregnant ended months of speculation from tabloids. Rumors of a royal pregnancy spread when the duchess held a baby at one event and declined peanut butter at another, and, when the couple bought a dog, it led many to speculate that she was practicing for a family, ABC News noted.

But the Royal Palace shot down the rumors, noting that when Kate Middleton was truly pregnant, “We would be the ones to make the announcement, not Hollywood.”

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25 Responses to “Kate Middleton Pregnant, In Hospital With Morning Sickness, Royal Palace Confirms”

  1. Robin Kamensek

    God bless her, I had this for all three of my pregnancies and it is no fun.

  2. Sarah Browne

    Um, she got married in April of 2011. This article is incorrect in saying her baby will be born less than a year after her wedding…

  3. Robin Kamensek

    The only good thing is that the baby is strong. Remember that is what they told us. And she will have lots of help and care. It's a positive sign for her keeping this baby to full term. That is the only blessing of Hypermesis.

  4. Robin Kamensek

    And I recall that England has better drugs to help it, then here in the US. Some of the women I had talked to online in the UK told me of drugs used there that we could not get here.

  5. Knocked Up - Knocked Over

    I am a 2 time hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) survivor, and my heart hurts for her right now. She not only will have to deal with the HG, but she will have to listen to people attacking her for taking the very medications that are saving her life and the life of her baby. Poor Princess Kate.

  6. Molly Atkins

    I had heard it's rougher in the UK because they don't have Zofran. Too expensive. They do have bendectin though, and that's a huge plus. I'm a 2X HG survivor myself and it warms my heart to see @Mark Kamensek correct the headline of the article. Morning sickness it's not. HG is a whole different world.

  7. Diana Boller Johnston

    This is not morning sickness; this is an extreme form called hyperemesis gravidarum, a form of nausea and vomiting of pregnancy which can be life-threatening. I have experienced this nightmare, and it is absolutely horrible beyond belief. Pray for Princess Kate; she will need it!

  8. Cindy Alexander

    I clicked on your link, Molly (the one to your blog) and it doesnt' work. Is it because of the slwo internet at work?

  9. Ashley VanTassell

    I am a HG survivor with my last pregnancy and let me tell you it is NOT morning sickness…i wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy. It was probably the worst thing I haven't ever dealt with in my life and will not be having any more children because of it. Unless you have gone through it or know someone that has, you have NO idea….I was on medication throughout my pregnancy and the sickness didn't stop until the baby was OUT. Unfortunately even being "royal" will not help with this illness..I wish her the strength to get through this…

  10. Lora Story

    What does HG stand for? I was sick my entire pregnancy, to the point that I started to go crazy. Nauseous all the time. I was fired from a job because I constantly left early or was laying on the Bathroom floor. Pretty sure they thought I was a drug addict.

  11. Mike Carlin

    Hyperemesis gravidarum. My wife had it with 2 of the 3 kids. She was miserable. However zofran and fluids seem to help keep the symptoms at bay or at least reduced and tolerable. Problem bit a lot of general MD's buy into HG yet and don't correctly treat it. OB/GYN's understand and treat it

  12. Ashley VanTassell

    Lora, Hyperemesis Gravidarum..most likely you had it. I was in and out of the hospital, on Zofran and when I couldn't keep those down, I had to take phenergan suppositories. I was also fired from my job, although they don't care to admit why, for being so sick while pregnant. It's a debilitating pregnancy disease that unfortunately doesn't get the attention or research that is so deserves. Pregnancy should be a beautiful thing not something that sucks the joy and life right out of you…literally. :/ I lost close to 40 lbs during my pregnancy and luckily I had those lbs to lose, otherwise I probably would've been in the hospital more than I was…

  13. Molly Atkins

    No amount of tea in the world will help someone with hyperemesis. If tea and other natural remedies worked, we wouldn't have spent thousands on IVs, PICC lines, and medication. Take it from a crunchy, homebirthing advocate (me!). This is absolutely not morning sickness and the regular stuff doesn't work.

  14. Althea Hrdlichka

    I understand, I am a homebirth student midwife and a doula. It will not "cure" it, it will just allow her to regain some of the nutrients she has lost. That IS IF she can hold down the teas too :( Poor girl!

  15. Jeanette Rice

    Robin. It has been a very long time. Message me. Jeanette Rice my kids are so grown. I have a 3rd too

  16. Robin Kamensek

    I am glad that HG is getting out there for people to talk about it. I always felt so alone when I talked about it. And this time I was truly alone. Thank God Mark was so supportive. It is just not a fun pregnancy. Hope she is having a boy, my pregnancy with my daughter was hell.

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