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Jenelle Evans’ Custody Feud With Her Mother Heats Up, Barbara Says She Is No Longer Allowed At Jenelle’s House

Jenelle Evans and her mother, Barbara, have been locked in a heated battle over Jenelle’s eldest son, Jace, for the past several years. Barbara agreed to raise Jenelle’s son until she was able to take care of him herself due to her addiction to drugs, but now that Jenelle claims she has her life together, Barb isn’t so willing to hand him over.

The feud has been incredibly intense over the past season of Teen Mom 2, with Jenelle Evans threatening not to film if her mom was in the scene. Several times over the course of filming, she threatened to quit if Barbara was still allowed on the show, insisting that production didn’t need her now that they have Babs and ex, Nathan.

Over this weekend, Jenelle Evans insisted that although it was Mother’s Day, Barbara wouldn’t allow her to see Jace. Jenelle says she went over to her mother’s house to see her son, but that she locked the doors and “hid” inside. She did not specify whether Barb was unwilling to talk to her via text or telephone, but that seems unlikely given the explosive nature of their relationship.

Jenelle Evans insisted she was heartbroken after she wasn’t allowed to see Jace, and wrote a heartfelt message on Instagram.

#HappyMothersDay to me!???? the kids and David made me this homemade chalk board for our house and even drew one awesome picture on it. I’m in love! This day didn’t go the way I imagined but there will be many more to come in the future. #Hopeful#GoodVibesOnly#Family,” she wrote.

But there are two sides to every story, and Barbara says that she doesn’t think she’s even allowed at Jenelle Evans’ house.

“She wants nothing to do with her family, with me, her sister, her brother. I don’t even think I’m allowed on her property anymore. I’d say 90 percent of it has to do with David,” she revealed.

Although Barbara has always contended with Jenelle Evans’ boyfriends, Jenelle insists that it is because she is jealous of them.

“My mom is still not wanting to give up her grudge against any guy I date. David has never done anything wrong to her and still doesn’t really speak to her to this day, even though he disagrees with a lot of things she believes. I have no idea why my mom feels this way towards David, but I’m thinking it might be a jealously issue. My mom claims I never ‘hang out’ with her when I date someone,” Jenelle Evans stated.

But according to Barbara, it goes even deeper than that.

“I just had my birthday in March you know, she couldn’t even text me happy birthday?” she vented.

Busy making memories. #SplishSplash #FlipFlops ????☀️

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The Teen Mom 2 grandma also revealed that she spent Thanksgiving alone and cried because she had no one to be with. Although Jenelle Evans does have siblings, it is unclear what Barbara’s relationship is with them and why her mired relationship with Jenelle means she had to be totally alone during the holiday.

The pair will face off in court later this month and the justice system will decide who will be the primary custodian of Jace. Jenelle Evans has stated that if she gets awarded the title, she will no longer see Barbara nor allow her to see her grandson ever again. This, however, may be contended in court as Barbara has spent most of Jace’s life acting as his mother.

Jenelle Evans is the mother of two other children by two other men, one of whom lives with her full time and the other whom she shares custody with her ex.

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