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‘The X-Files’ Season 11 Moves Forward — Gillian Anderson And David Duchovny Have The Injuries To Prove It

Fox recently shared the good news that The X-Files would be moving forward with Season 11 and, while the key cast and crew have all agreed to return, there have been few other details about the next installment. While Fox has shared that The X-Files will return for midseason 2018, there’s hope that recent injuries suffered by Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny won’t further delay the Season 11 premiere any further. Looking at approximately 12 more months until Fox airs The X-Files‘ next installment, there’s the possibility of anything happening within that time frame.

The X-Files Star David Duchovny Sports a Sling

Recent public appearances made by both David and Gillian go along way toward proving that the two X-Files actors aren’t quite as spry as they used to be, a sentiment shared by Duchovny, according to Daily Mail. The X-Files lead, who, of course, plays Fox Mulder in the series, recently appeared at the Webby Awards in New York City. When the sling supporting his left arm, along with Anderson’s appearance on crutches, drew attention, David couldn’t help but remark on the situation.

“This is sad,” said The X-Files star.

David was on hand at the Webby Awards to present Gillian with her award for her Actress of the Year award for her role in the British hit, The Fall.

The X-Files, David Duchovny
‘The X-Files’ star David Duchovny sports a sling at the 2017 Webby Awards in N.Y.C. [Image by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images]

The Webby Awards limit each recipient to a five-word acceptance speech and Anderson used the opportunity to showcase her cheeky sense of humor.

“I would like to thank…” Gillian said in accepting the award.

Meanwhile, Mr. Duchovny has declined to comment on how he earned that sling about his arm, leaving fans to guess how The X-Files star earned his injury. David just recently finished filming scenes for the revival of Twin Peaks, so his injury may have occurred during a break away from work. In any case, The X-Files followers are hoping for a speedy recovery, both out of concern for Duchovny and also to avoid further delays on filming Season 11 of The X-Files.

Gillian Anderson Shows Up in Crutches and a Stormtrooper Boot

The X-Files, Gillian Anderson
Gillian Anderson faces a recovery period, following a recent mishap. [Image by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images]

It seems odd that both of The X-Files stars would injure themselves separately at the same time, yet not while filming their series together. However, as USA Today reports, that’s just what has happened. While Duchovny ended up with his arm in a sling as the result of some unrevealed mishap, Gillian made her first post-accident appearance at this year’s BAFTA Awards on Sunday in London.

The X-Files actress revealed that her own accident didn’t happen on the set of any project, but, instead, occurred while she was on vacation.

“I fractured my foot jumping into a swimming pool that was too shallow in Costa Rica,” Anderson said. “It could have been a lot worse.”

Gillian also shared a picture of her removable cast with her Instagram followers, teasing Star Wars fans with her caption.

“My stormtrooper look,” wrote The X-Files star in the photo’s caption.

My Stormtrooper look. ????

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While Gillian does maintain accounts on the big social media sites, The X-Files star reveals that she rarely interacts with fans. She shared the little-known secret in an interview with NZ Herald, confessing that she has a “buffer,” a woman on her staff who posts about charity events and makes posts about Anderson’s various television projects.

“I just don’t think anybody gives a f*** about what I have to say, to be honest,” said The X-Files actress. “Nor should they.”

Gillian did say she likes to “dabble” in social media, when the mood strikes her. It’s certainly a rare occurrence, but it’s something fans of The X-Files, as well as American Gods fans, should look out for in the future.

[Featured Image by Bennett Raglin/Getty Images]