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Robin Givens Cheated With Brad Pitt, Mike Tyson Dishes Again

robin givens cheated

Robin Givens’ affair with Brad Pitt is not new news, as former husband of the star, Mike Tyson, dished about it earlier this year in an interview with Conan O’Brien.

Robin Givens and Mike Tyson were a high-flying star couple in the 80s, and Brad Pitt was still and up-and-comer — yet to even have his breakthrough role in Thelma And Louise, which incidentally, was as a wicked playboy.

But if there is anyone you wouldn’t have wanted catching you in bed with their wife back then, it was Mike Tyson, and his tumultuous relationship with actress Givens was well-documented even in the pre-TMZ era.

Earlier this year, Tyson told O’Brien that the Robin Givens and Brad Pitt affair had interfered with his ability to fight, and he explained candidly:

“As I go to my car she drives up … with the handsome Brad Pitt. The first thought I had was, ‘Aw man I ain’t getting’ no [expletive] tonight!’ I went from a hard stallion to a wet noodle and it just totally overwhelmed me.”

(O’Brien did not ask if Pitt then kidnapped Tyson’s tiger.)

The heavyweight champ again detailed his humiliation upon discovering Robin Givens’ infidelity during an In Depth With Graham Bensinger chat about the time during which the pair were separating.

Mike Tyson

Tyson said that he and the star of Head Of The Class were breaking up, but the sucker punch of finding Givens in bed with the pretty boy hit him hard:

“I was doing a divorce but I — we — every day, before I would go to my lawyer’s office to say she’s a pig and stealing, I would go to…her house to have sex with her. This particular day, someone beat me to the punch. And I guess Brad got there earlier than I did.”

Mike says:

“I was mad as hell. I was going to … you should have saw his face when he saw me.”

But his relationship with Robin Givens is ancient history, and now Tyson is happily wed to third wife Lakiha Spencer.

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89 Responses to “Robin Givens Cheated With Brad Pitt, Mike Tyson Dishes Again”

  1. Chris Good

    What was the point of this article anyway? Affairs with married people last century is a waste of time. Who cares now?

  2. Charis Ivanye Bruner

    Ah, so now we see why it was ok to beat the woman and bite off Holyfield's ear. Here I always thought he was just a slimey puke. He's actually just a good ole' guy, right… Who cares about Mike Tyson's tale?

  3. Anonymous

    i care about mikes story and so do you you read it dummy its so stupid when people read a headline, click the link, read the story, then post a comment, who cares??? you do dummy, you do.

  4. André Lemay Dit Delorme

    She cheated on Mike with a white dude , that's awesome!

  5. Dianne Campbell

    Hmm, I heard BP's movie was not doing let's stir the pot of DRAMA even if it's prehistoric news. Sad.

  6. Anonymous

    Robin and her mom are gold diggers that's what they do! Tyson was just a paycheck she seen Tyson was worth $420 million! Robin never loved Tyson she stayed long enough to get paid!

  7. Rose Anna Buckley

    Brad Pitt must have crapped his pants when he came across him. Better yet, Brad probably covered his ears with his hands. LOL!

  8. Alex Claudy

    That's Hollywood for you, where everyone sleeps with anyone. One big happy family.

  9. Eilene Kalbfeld

    I'll never know what women see in Brad Pitt…he always looks dirty and unkempt to me, gross.

  10. Gail Moore

    Mz. Givens was bad bad news for Tyson, and I'm glad he got away from her when he did. I just wish it had been sooner, for his sake. What a user.

  11. Timothy Barnes

    Tyson was a monster back then, could you imagine the ass whoppin he could have given Pitt, only reason he didn't is coming from the hood and all you Know if Beat up a white boy yo definitely going to jail.

  12. Paul Blain

    Well as they say, "Once you go white, you'll finally get it right".

  13. Gloria Ann Jenkins

    I always thought Robin Givens, wed Mike Tyson, for money, and the spotlight. She saw a trouble soul, basically uneducated, and went for it. In my opinion, she humiliated him during that famous TV interview. (I believe it was Barb Walters) I have less respect for her, than I do Mike Tyson.

  14. P-Jay Hester

    Back then? If you were a celebrity u could get away with quite a few things compared to now. Doesn't matter. That was in the heat of passion crime. He could've got away with it.

  15. Dolores Chastain

    Did she take her wig off when she was with Brad Pitt and reveal her bald head. What do black women do with their wigs when they go to bed? Do the men they are involved with wonder where their hair is during sex? I am just asking.

  16. Anonymous

    But his relationship with Robin Givens is ancient history, and now Tyson is happily wed to third wife Lakiha Spencer.

    Then why the hell did you write an article about it? 20-30 year old news, who cares!

  17. Tony Ventana

    Pitt has to be the brazenest dude in Hollywood to be tapping a heavyweight boxing champ's poon.

  18. Robin Antjoesmom

    he cute..but I'm sure he is like any other man when it comes to everyday life, prolly spits in the toilet, skidmarked drawers, burps at the table and farts like a cannon in bed..ya know, a normal guy.

  19. Duane Brooks

    Why the HELL should we care what the uber-arrogant, uber-vicious Mike Tyson thinks about his uber-glamorous, uber-charming then-wife Robin Givens's relationship with Brad Pitt or, for that matter, about anything he thinks concerning her? This man-animal terrorized and tortured poor Robin all during their marriage and it's abundantly clear, or should be, that his latest yammer regarding her is no more than an attempt to vindicate himself in our eyes and make Robin out to be the villainess. Why, why, why isn't this evil thug behind bars where he belongs instead of on the talk-show circuit on a smear campaign against Robin (and taking crude racial digs at her in a one-man show)?

  20. Tanya Brown

    Not ever black person have short hair. Even some of us myself included who wears wig or weave have long hair underneath but just do not like to go natural.

  21. Keri Cameron

    I wear wigs and weave and my hair is four inches pass my shoulders.

  22. Anonymous

    bitch you sound stupid and need to have several seats. dolly parton madonna cher all them hoes wear weaves and weaves. have several seats with yo jealous ass. they all love the brown sugar

  23. Anonymous

    Eilene Kalbfeld you need to watch troy and fight club and you will see why hehe iis the shit.

  24. Anonymous

    @Charis Ivanye Bruner…………….You, obviously you , you moron your here posting!

  25. Anonymous

    She is not and was not ever that hot anyway, other that a pair of cheekbones.

  26. Brent Cowart

    Way 2 GO Brad: Mike didn't know how 2 Handle a Lady Like Robin:
    Apparently your Noodle is BIGGER than His: GO R IT SON:

  27. Sindy Finn

    Good for you Robin, I would have done the same had I been in your shoes.
    Brad Pitt was just too gorgeous to resist back then…..hell even now!

  28. Sindy Finn

    C'mon he may look that way now but back in the day especially when he first appeared on screen in that movie Thelma and Louise…..the boy was the bees knees !!

  29. Sindy Finn

    You do know there was a scandal involving that claim she apparently was telling a little lie there and she got caught out. Its a shame because she was or rather is a smart woman.

  30. Thomas Ondriezek

    Her name should be Robin Takens. She made a real pidgeon out of Tyson. She probably split the take with Don King. How's that for brothers and sisters sticking together…SUCKERS!

  31. Glen Terrell

    Obviously the media must not have anything better to right about, like for instance the wars that are going on and the thousands of babies aborted each day. Brad Pitt, give me a break! What in the hell is so special about this dude?

  32. Jackman Bussey

    eeeeuhhhhhhh! yuck , Brad's a darkie lover… yuck not even her.

  33. Michael Wheeler

    Who gives a damn about Robin Givins? She has always , and continue to be a gold digger the rest of her life. Someone will bust her in the eye before it's over with.

  34. Anonymous

    Dan Laxuma: does your mom by any chance have pics of herself and Michael Jackson any where in ur house? Boy! U look like Michael (the real DNA), not the "white" dude he became.

  35. Cynthia Jackson

    Mike Tyson didn't touch Brad but he nearly beat Robin Givens to death. Everyone was worried about Brad, what about Robin? We didn't see much of her after that, he probably gave her brain damage w/one punch.

  36. Demond Taylor

    Yep he also dated Thandi Newton. If thats you in the PIC the work YUK shouldn't ever come out of your mouth regarding a person's looks.

  37. Cheryl Marhefka

    Why did it take all these years for Tyson to talk about this? Pitt may have looked scared, but Tyson did not attack him. My guess is that outside the boxing ring he only beat on women. Didn't hit someone who would hit back.Plus he would have gone to jail.

  38. Cheryl Marhefka

    She got paid all right-with fists to her face. What a "man" Tyson was.

  39. Sven Erlandson

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  40. Aaron Sailor

    ANGRY, JEALOUS WHITE WOMAN "STRIKES AGAIN." These OVERWEIGHT, TRAILER PARK BROAD in here mad cause Brad was with Robin and NOT THEM!! Well, maybe if Brad had a "thing" for chicks that look like "Honey Boo Boo" you would have a SHOT…until them!! STFU!!

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