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Drake And Bieber Surprise Fans At Toronto Gig

drake and bieber

Drake and Justin Bieber gave screaming fangirls a reason to lose their voices Saturday night at a surprise collaboration in the Hat, with the pair appearing on stage together in Toronto to the delight of unsuspecting concert attendees.

The Drake and Bieber surprise happened on December 1 at a Bieber show at the Rogers Center in Ontario’s capital.

Those who caught the Drake and Bieber gig were attending one of the stops Justin’s “Believe” tour. The Biebs had just delighted fans with a performance of his song “Die in Your Arms,” and the sold-out crowd (with more than 60,000 Beliebers) was hyped — but they had no idea another teen idol was about to take the stage.

The Drake and Bieber gig kicked off ahead of the pair’s duet “Right Here,” and Justin brought out his fellow Canuck saying:

“We’re pretty close to home; I want to do a special song I haven’t done on tour yet. Give it up from your hometown, Drizzy Drake.”

While Drake and Bieber are famous in their own rights, the rapper admitted that the appearance also was the manifestation of a childhood dream of stardom. According to the former Degrassi cast member, he had wanted to perform at the former Skydome (now called Rogers Center) since he was a kid.

Drake said of the Bieber show:

“I wanna thank you for giving me a childhood dream, which is my first opportunity to perform at the Skydome.”

Drake and Bieber didn’t just give fans the duet; the two also did a version of Drizzy’s “The Motto,” and you can see some of their set in the clip below.

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5 Responses to “Drake And Bieber Surprise Fans At Toronto Gig”

  1. Anonymous

    That would have been THE ONLY Reason I would have been at a beibs. The only other reason is the Ho's. I'd be smashn big.

  2. Ricardo Urrutia

    just another hater here. I'm not surprised Drake would show up at a concert filled with middle school aged girls. On a more serious note, the fact that people consider the "young money gang" to be the best rap group out clearly shows how much hip hop they have listened to or have been introduced to. The fact that an all-star of this young money group would stoop down and share a stage with a 120 pound female sounding "superstar" blows my mind. Big and Pac are rolling in their graves, and I just puked. old school forever.

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