Chelsea Houska Shares ‘Mom Fail’

Chelsea Houska Shares ‘Mom Fail’ And Reveals She’s Just Like Everyone Else

Chelsea Houska gave birth to her son, Watson Cole, a few months ago, and one can imagine that this Teen Mom 2 star has had plenty of things to do since his arrival. Not only is she caring for a newborn, but Chelsea is also balancing life with her daughter, Aubree, who is now in school. One can imagine she’s busy with caretaking, getting Aubree to school, and being a good wife to Cole DeBoer. But this morning, Chelsea revealed that she’s just like other busy moms. She also has the days where everything goes wrong.

According to a new tweet, Chelsea Houska is now revealing that she had a “mom fail” this morning. Even though Houska had set her alarm, Chelsea slept right through it this morning, which meant that her daughter didn’t make it to school on time. And when Chelsea shared the news on social media, people reached out with similar stories. In other words, Houska shouldn’t be sharing this as a “mom fail” — instead, she should be sharing it as a “mom story.”

“Starting this morning off with a mom fail. Totally slept through my alarm and Aubree is late for school. Is it summer vacation yet?!” Chelsea Houska revealed on social media, sharing that she had completely slept through her alarm, possibly because she was so tired and needed the rest like many mothers with newborns.

“Wow! You have a baby and you still need an alarm! That baby must sleep good!!” one person wrote to Chelsea, who replied with, “He sleeps great!”

The Teen Mom 2 star is revealing that her son is sleeping so well that he’s allowing her to sleep through her alarm in the morning. Many mothers with newborn babies don’t need to set the alarm as the baby will wake to eat every few hours or so. But several mothers reached out to Houska, revealing that what she was going through was completely normal.

“Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. We all do it sometime in our child’s life. U obviously needed the sleep. It makes u a normal Mum hun,” one person wrote to Chelsea to make her feel better about the situation.

“I think we all have done this. My daughter and step-son last day is Friday when is Aubs last day if you don’t mind me asking,” one person wrote to Chelsea Houska.

Another person wrote, “I did the same thing, and my son missed his bus to his graduation practice. Had to take him after checking him into school ‪#3moredays.”

It sounds like a few mothers are reaching out to Chelsea Houska to let her know that she’s not a bad mother for sleeping in and getting her daughter to school late. Houska has already revealed that her daughter, Aubree, can be tough to get up in the morning as shown on Teen Mom 2. It’s clear that Aubree loves her sleep, so one can imagine she loved sleeping in a bit longer than she’s used to.

Chelsea Houska didn’t mention her husband, Cole DeBoer, in the tweet, so it is possible that he got up much earlier than she did to go to work. It’s also possible that he was indeed home, slept through the alarm as well, and Chelsea just put the blame on herself, as she’s Aubree’s mother. And surely, many of her Teen Mom co-stars have experienced the same thing throughout their years as mothers.

What do you think of Chelsea Houska’s “mom fail” tweet? What would you say to her to make her feel better since she’s just sharing an experience that many other moms have gone through?

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