Power Season 4 8 Million Viewers Omari Hardwick, Coutney Kemp, 50 Cent

‘Power’ Heads To Season 4 Averaging 8 Million Viewers, Second To ‘Games of Thrones’ In Cable Viewership

Power Season 4 is on the way with an explosive trailer, and the hit Starz show has a summer release date of Sunday, June 25. The series has already been renewed for a fifth season due to its popularity. The show follows James St. Patrick, who goes by the street named Ghost, as he tries to balance a life of legitimacy through his nightclub while operating as a high-level drug dealer.

Power has been breaking records for Starz season after season. According to Deadline, heading into Season 4, Power is the second-most-watched series on premium cable after HBO’s Game of Thrones. Viewership for Season 3 of Power is up about 389 percent from it’s first season. When multiplatforms and delayed viewing is accounted for, Power averages about 8 million viewers per episode.

Showrunner Courtney Kemp has signed a new deal with Starz and Lionsgate. She will continue as the showrunner and executive producer of Power while working on other projects for Lionsgate.

“Courtney A. Kemp is the complete showrunner package, and we’re thrilled to continue collaborating with such a creative talent and outstanding producer,” Starz president and CEO Chris Albrecht said in a statement. “We are proud to see Courtney receive the recognition she deserves in our industry and are pleased the combined ‘power’ of Starz and Lionsgate offers even greater opportunities for her – and us – in the creative community.”

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Executive producer and Power actor Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has expressed his frustration in the series being snubbed at award ceremonies despite its popularity among fans and critics. He threatened to leave the series due to not receiving a Golden Globe nomination for any of the three seasons, according to Variety. In an Instagram rant last year, He threatened to kill off his Power character, Kanan.

“I’m on the move again, the Golden Globes can suck a d**k,” 50 Cent posted on Instagram. “I accept my series Power was not intended to be a signature show for the network but it is the highest rated show. I know my audience very well, I’m done promoting this out side of contractual obligations. SEASON 4 KANAN MUST DIE, I got other sh-t to do.”

The third season of Power ended with Ghost heading off to jail for a crime he did not commit.

Warning: There are spoilers ahead!

His former girlfriend Angela Valdez is convinced he killed Greg Knox, not knowing he was killed by Mike Sandoval, who’s cover is still intact.

The trailer is narrated by sociopath Kanan, played by 50 Cent, stating the following as Ghost is shown his prison cell.

“That first night in jail, no idea what’s going to happen to you. You’re away from everything that comforts you, everything that makes you feel at home. That’s real fear.”

Tommy is seen in the trailer as the new drug dealer moving his product through Ghost’s nightclub Truth. Tasha has to decide what protecting family means now that Ghost is behind bars. Assistant U.S. Attorney John Mak, played by Sung Kang, will be prosecuting Ghost as he faces trial in the fourth season of Power.

Ghost will find out who is true friends are as he battles for his freedom. He will also have to look internally and understand how the man he wants to be and who he is has led him to prison. Lakeisha is also expected to return after it was believed that she was killed. Tasha will have to deal with that fallout as she put her friend in danger.

Power Season 4, which will feature 10 episodes, premieres on Starz on June 25.

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