Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Take Secret Trip To Paris, Did They Run Into Tom Cruise? [Featured Images by Neilson Barnard and Frank Micelotta/Getty Images]

Katie Holmes And Jamie Foxx Take Secret Trip To Paris, Did They Run Into Tom Cruise?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are one of Hollywood’s most secretive couples, but even they can’t avoid the spotlight everywhere. The two were reportedly spotted in Paris on a romantic vacation, and Holmes’ ex-husband Tom Cruise was only blocks away. Could things get any more awkward?

According to OK! magazine, Holmes and Foxx met up in Paris while he was filming his upcoming Robin Hood movie. The two allegedly stayed at a hotel only to find out that Cruise was shooting Mission Impossible 6 in the same area. Holmes and Foxx, both of whom have never confirmed their relationship, stayed in Paris from Sunday night until Tuesday morning. It isn’t known if they accidentally bumped into Cruise during their stay.

Extra TV reports that Holmes was spotted at the wrap-up dinner with Foxx and the rest of the Robin Hood crew. The actress was also seen making a few lunch runs for Foxx while he was working at the Luc Besson’s Cite due Cinemas. These reports have not been officially confirmed and likely won’t be given how Holmes and Foxx like to keep their romance under the radar. Even still, it sounds like Holmes and Foxx had a few days to themselves in the romantic city.

Jamie Foxx And Katie Holmes Split! He Dumps Her Over Pressure To Go Public With Their Private Relationship [Featured Image by Jerod Harris/Getty Images]
Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have never commented on their relationship publicly. [Image by Jerod Harris/Getty Images]

The Mission Impossible star has not commented on the reports that his ex-wife and Foxx were staying blocks away from his movie set. According to People, the outing began a week before Holmes celebrated Mother’s Day with her only daughter, Suri Cruise. The actress shared a pair of cute photos of her and Suri on social media over the weekend.

In the first shot, Holmes stood next to her daughter wearing a gorgeous gown. The two were meeting a friend, who is featured smiling and holding a baby boy in the background.

“Happy Mother’s Day!!!!! #blessed [heart emojis] @georginachapmanmarchesa,” Holmes wrote alongside the pic.

The second photo featured Holmes and Suri lying on a bed together. Holmes is seen gently kissing Suri’s elbow and wrote “#happymothersday” alongside. It isn’t known if the photos were actually taken on Mother’s Day or some other time. If they were taken over the weekend then Holmes has certainly had a busy week of flying around the world.

#happymothersday ????????????????????????

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As far as her dating life is concerned, Katie Holmes has kept everything super secretive since her divorce from Tom. In fact, Holmes and Foxx have never spoken publicly about their romance, which is thought to have begun way back in 2013. Despite all the secrets, insiders claim that the two spend a lot of time together behind closed doors and have been together for several years.

Holmes and Cruise were married for six years between 2006 and 2012. They had one daughter during their marriage. The actor has not said anything about Holmes’ dating life, despite the fact that he and Foxx are good friends and have worked on a few movies together. With Cruise busy with his new movie, there is a good chance that he didn’t even know Holmes was in town.

Considering their history together, there’s little chance that Foxx and Holmes will comment on their Paris trip and whether or not they accidentally met up with Tom. Either way, it was likely awkward for them to discover that Holmes’ ex-husband was filming a movie blocks away from their romantic vacay in the City of Lights. The two reportedly flew out Tuesday morning.

Meanwhile, Holmes wasn’t the only celebrity mom who took to social media on Mother’s Day. Jessica Alba and Reese Witherspoon shared similar images over the holiday while other celebrities documented their days.

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[Featured Images by Neilson Barnard and Frank Micelotta/Getty Images]