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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle’s Health Crisis-Will She End Up Needing A Kidney Transplant?

Nelle Hayes was attacked last week on General Hospital while she was waiting on the docks by herself. She has been unconscious ever since. However, Michael will come to her rescue on Tuesday. She is expected to make it through, but there could be some complications later on.

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday, coming from SheKnows Soaps, has Michael discovering Nelle lying on the ground. He may fear that she is dead, but he will find that she has just been knocked out by the man who attacked her. She and Michael had a chat just before that happened and he walked away leaving her alone. When a man tried to take her purse, she tried to fight him off. He ended up pushing her and leaving her there unconscious. Now her life could be in danger.

Michael and Nelle seem to be destined to be together eventually, but he has rejected her ever since she confessed that she had targeted Carly as part of her plan of revenge. His mother warned him against giving in to Nelle, and he has tried to stay away from her. However, they have recently been getting chummier again.

Once Michael discovers that she has been hurt, he will make sure that Nelle gets to General Hospital for treatment. Despite the fact that he still hasn’t completely forgiven her yet, Michael obviously still has strong feelings for her and doesn’t want anything to happen to her.

Unfortunately, the attack may leave her in a bad health crisis. She has been living her life with only one kidney since she was a child after having been forced to give one of hers up to save Josslyn’s life. That is what brought on her fierce need to take revenge out on Carly, thinking that she was the one who arranged the whole thing. Now she will be faced with her own health issue because of it.

During the attack on the docks, Nelle had been seen hitting hard against a crate, and that strongly indicates that her kidney will somehow be damaged because of that. Once her health begins to deteriorate, some decisions will have to made. It looks like she may be on the receiving end of a kidney transplant this time around.

Nelle Hayes has caused many hurt and angry feelings from pretty much everyone in Port Charles. If she does need a new kidney, she may find it difficult to get one from anyone that she knows if they happen to be a match. Wouldn’t it be something if the only person who could save her would be Carly Corinthos? She is the one person who hates her more than anyone right now. Would Carly really let her die?

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Nelle has no one to turn to at all. Nina Cassadine may have been the one person that she could have been friends with, but Nina is too wrapped up in her husband’s connection with Anna to help Nelle. Nina will eventually find out what happened to Nelle, so she may put aside her feelings to actually help her in her time of need.

According to General Hospital spoilers by Soap Central, Ms. Hayes will feel loneliness surround her as it seems that she has been rejected by everyone. Will Michael also leave her hanging right now? He certainly did just that when he left her on the docks last week. He didn’t give her any reason to stay in Port Charles.

Now that she is hurt and lonely, General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will end up rejecting him as well. After their talk and Michael leaving as he did, Nelle will not be much in a mood to be around him thinking that their relationship is beyond repair. Many fans are hoping that she will leave town, but there are a few who are rooting for these two to eventually make it work.

Will Michael end up forgiving Nelle after this crisis? Who will be the one to donate their kidney if she should need to have a transplant? Be sure to catch General Hospital this week to see what happens next.

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