Former Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton Launches Political Movement ‘Onward Together’

Hillary Clinton is back, and she wants you to know about it. The former presidential candidate boldly announced her new political group, Onward Together, on Monday, in order to “encourage people to get involved, organize, and even run for office.”

According to the Telegraph, Clinton took to Twitter to confirm her long-anticipated return to politics. In a series of tweets, the former secretary of state announced the new initiative, Onward Together, which she hopes will encourage new faces to get involved with politics, confirming the group’s slogan will be “resist, insist, persist, enlist.”

“The last few months, I’ve been reflecting, spending time with family—and, yes, taking walks in the woods,” she said. “We’re launching Onward Together to encourage people to get involved, organize, and even run for office.”

“More than ever, I believe citizen engagement is vital to our democracy. I’m so inspired by everyone stepping up to organize and lead,” she continued. “This year hasn’t been what I envisioned, but I know what I’m still fighting for: a kinder, big-hearted, inclusive America. Onward!”

In her tweets, Clinton linked to the movement’s website, which allows supporters to sign-up and get involved.

“Onward Together is dedicated to advancing the vision that earned nearly 66 million votes in the last election,” the website reads. “From the Women’s March to airports where communities are welcoming immigrants and refugees to town hall meetings in every community, Americans are speaking up and speaking out like never before.”

“The challenges we face as a country are real. But there’s no telling what we can achieve if we approach the fights ahead with the passion and determination we feel today, and bring that energy into 2017, 2018, 2020, and beyond.”

According to CNN, Clinton has reportedly been planning to launch a political action group for a number of months. Her plan is to fund and invest in groups that have impressed her since her 2016 election loss. In fact, Onward Together has already begun funding a number of progressive groups, including Swing Left, Run for Something, and Emerge America.


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Since Clinton’s surprise defeat to Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election, there’s been a good deal of speculation around what the former first lady will do next. Clinton is now a two-time failed presidential candidate, yet she still maintains a strong following amongst Democrats, many of whom are keen for Clinton to make a return to frontline politics.

Aides and advisers close to Clinton claim that she has ruled out mounting a third presidential bid, however, she reportedly doesn’t want to fall silent and plans to remain a vocal critic of the Trump administration in the coming years.

Hillary Clinton isn’t alone in making plans for the future. Her husband and former President Bill Clinton is currently writing a political crime thriller with author James Patterson. The President Is Missing, which is due to be released in June 2018, will follow the plot of a presidential kidnapping, with Clinton set to provide a unique perspective for the novel, given he has previously served as the 42nd president of the United States between 1993 and 2001.

Clinton, who is known to be a keen reader of thrillers and mysteries, and Patterson first came up with the idea for the novel last year when the lawyer who they both retain suggested that they work together. That said, the pair didn’t begin work on the novel until after Hillary had lost the 2016 presidential election to Donald Trump in November.

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