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Jeremy Calvert Is Under Fire For Allowing Leah Messer’s Daughter Adalynn To Do What?

Jeremy Calvert is facing backlash on Instagram after posting a photo of himself and his daughter riding around in his Jeep.

Although Jeremy Calvert is known to travel with Adalynn in his Jeep, his latest photo has garnered tons of criticism after a photo of the two of them showed the 4-year-old sitting in the front seat in a car seat some suspected wasn’t appropriate for her age.

“Back roading with dad… roof off with some country music,” Jeremy Calvert wrote in the caption of his May 14 photo.

Right away, fans weighed in on the picture and expressed their concern for Adalynn’s safety.

“The girl should not even be using a seatbelt!! She should be harnessed!!! And she should not be in the front seat at all!!” one person wrote.

“I would not dare do that. You can’t control how others drive. Anything can happen,” another shared, according to a report by In Touch Weekly magazine on May 15.

“Is that even legal?” added a third.

Jeremy Calvert shares daughter Adalynn with his ex-wife, Leah Messer. The former couple was married from 2012 to 2015, when Calvert filed for divorce after accusing Messer of cheating on him with her former boyfriend, Robbie Kidd.

Back roading with dad… roof off with some country music….

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Jeremy Calvert and his former wife have been sharing custody of Adalynn since their split and like Calvert, Messer has been targeted with plenty of backlash when it comes to her parenting.

As Teen Mom 2 fans will recall, Messer faced backlash online in early 2016 after she was seen allowing her 4-year-old to eat packets of sugar as she chatted with a friend. The mother of three was also criticized after one of her twins was seen complaining that she wouldn’t feed her and her sister before school.

In response to the backlash, Messer went on a rant on Twitter, slamming MTV for their allegedly false portrayal of her story.

“It’s so sad how the person behind the editing can even live a happy life by editing to manipulate the audience watching. It makes me feel like my story just isn’t enough,” she wrote, according to a report by People magazine.

According to Jeremy Calvert’s ex-wife, she did “hit rock bottom” around the time of filming, but she agreed to return to the show and share her story in hopes of helping others.

“If just one person watched and reached out for help even when they feel so alone that’s all I cared about because I could never imagine anyone feeling the pain, hurt, depression and anxiety that I was suffering from,” Messer wrote. “It would break my heart! I wanted to bring awareness and help others and if MTV couldn’t share that then I will do it on my own the way God wants me to!!!”

Someone wanted a tractor like pawpaws…. #shehurtsmywallet

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Jeremy Calvert’s former wife went on to reveal she was hurt and betrayed by MTV’s producers, who reportedly edited her story to show her struggles and not her triumph. Messer also suggested that if the network didn’t start being more honest with her life story, she could potentially leave the show.

“I hope to continue to share my story but I refuse to allow it to be twisted for the benefit of a network!” she wrote.

Jeremy Calvert and Leah Messer are expected to return to MTV later this year for the eighth season of Teen Mom 2. A premiere date has not yet been announced.

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