Josh Duggar Counting On Season 3 return

Josh Duggar’s Return To ‘Save’ ‘Counting On’ Season 3 May Do More Harm Than Good?

Josh Duggar is reportedly making his return to reality TV nearly two years after 19 Kids and Counting got canceled. A number of insiders have recently confirmed that he is going to be part of a Counting On Season 3 webisode to talk about his fifth child with his wife, Anna Duggar. Josh’s return is allegedly part of Jim Bob Duggar’s plan to save the show from getting axed for its low ratings. However, a new report pointed out that this plan can actually backfire and hurt the series even more.

According to The Stir, Josh Duggar’s return to Counting On Season 3 came with a catch. Josh was allegedly only allowed to talk about the joys of fatherhood and the impending birth of his fifth child, a baby boy, with wife Anna Duggar. That said, fans who are waiting to find out about his time in rehab, as well as get an insight into the shocking scandal, may be in for a disappointment.

“All that Ashley Madison and molestation stuff? Yeah, it’ll probably be swept under the rug.”

Last week, In Touch Weekly confirmed that Josh Duggar is returning to the small screen, two years after TLC canceled 19 Kids and Counting following his molestation scandal. The insider told the website that Jim Bob, the Duggar’s family patriarch, was worried about the spinoff series getting canceled again due to the low ratings. By bringing Josh back to Counting On, it may not only save the series from getting axed but Jim Bob was also hoping that this could revitalize Josh’s career.

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The insider revealed that Jim Bob spent a month trying to convince the TLC executives to bring Josh back to the show. Although the network previously said that he would not be part of Counting On, reports revealed that TLC might have had a change of heart. They allegedly let him shoot a webisode for Season 3 provided that he did not talk about any of the past scandals. If that episode turned out well, he will be given a chance to appear on the 19 Kids and Counting spinoff.

Counting On has been losing advertisers left and right over the past year. Forbes previously reported that brands such as Credit Karma, X Out, CiCi’s Pizza, and the UPS store have pulled out their ads from the show, not wanting to be associated with the Duggar family, in the wake of Josh Duggar’s child molestation scandal. Wrigley, who previously supported the show, issued a statement saying that they never wanted to endorse content that would offend their consumers.

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If Jim Bob’s plan is to save Counting On Season 3 from being canceled, it might not be the greatest idea to have Josh Duggar back on the show. Although it has been nearly two years since the scandal broke, brands may still not be thrilled to have their ads on the show. Starcasm pointed out that even Bill O’Reilly, who was deemed expendable at Fox News, took a hit when companies pulled out their ads from his show following his sexual harassment scandal. It will not come as a surprise if instead of helping Counting On, Josh Duggar’s return could end up hurting the show even more.

“So if money is still the deciding factor, it seems unlikely that we’ll see Josh Duggar on Counting On Season 3–that is, unless Jim Bob’s master plan also involved secretly convincing a bunch of companies that his son isn’t a financial risk,” they said.

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