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Twins Fighting In Womb: MRI Captures In Utero Scuffles [Video]

In Utero MRI

A new MRI technique has revealed that it’s never too early to develop a little sibling rivalry. A video of twins fighting in their mother’s womb shows that brothers and sisters often come to blows long before meeting their parents for the first time.

According to CBS News, Dr. Marisa Taylor-Clarke of Imperial College’s Robert Steiner MR Unit in London said the “cinematic MRI” gives doctors a better idea of what takes place when twins battle for space inside their mother’s womb.

“A lot of the so-called videos in the womb are very processed, so they do a lot of reconstructing and computer work afterwards. These are the raw images that are acquired immediately,” Taylor-Clarke explained during a recent interview with New Scientist.

Taylor-Clarke explained that the MRI was designed to study the consequences of twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome. Since the process gives doctors a clear look at what’s going on inside a patient’s belly, the process essentially provides experts a glimpse into a world never before seen by human eyes.

“We haven’t really been able to see before in such real-time complete pictures how twins interact and what this cine lets us do is see their positions in relation to each other and how much space they have, how much space they occupy, and how they might move around and push each other out of the way,” she said. “So that’s something that you can see snapshots of on ultrasound and small parts of it, but you don’t get the view of the whole room, as it were, the room being the womb.”

The video embedded below seems to show twins having a short battle for space inside the womb. Then again, it could just be one sibling giving the other a hard time. Regardless of the reasoning, the clip featuring twins fighting in the womb is nothing short of astonishing.

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30 Responses to “Twins Fighting In Womb: MRI Captures In Utero Scuffles [Video]”

  1. Joseph Polityka

    I think the government should place a 20 percent tax on every abortion. The tax would be paid by the patient and the abortion clinic, 20 percent on both ends.

  2. Anonymous

    its so cool. it actually looks as if the twin that is getting beat up is telling his sibling to stop.:)

  3. Diane Humpal

    I hardly think it was a fight, but just moving positions. dah! It is awesome to see the movement of the babies and how life does not begin at birth, but clearly at conception!

  4. Amanda Crews

    if I was the little guy squished in the corner I would be pissed to :p

  5. Joan Evans

    Lets see, fighting in the womb, I am sure that some liberal will say that they will have hate tendencies so they should be killed in the womb while in the womb because that is legal. If they have a heartbeat, fingerprint, and dna, then they are a person and whoever takes away their heart beat is a murderer.

  6. Ann Thomasson

    Jacob and Essau(twins)also fought in the womb, and Tamar had warring twins in her belly vying for dominance.

  7. Stephani Sinclair Coker

    Joseph, it's none of the government's business when or if we have an abortion. It's our freedom of choice. Maybe we should tax everyone that has a child on the government's dime instead of taxing people who chose not to have children, but still has to support a chick or family with 10 kids and don't want to work. I think that sounds like a much better deal.

  8. Lynne Huckins

    Why do you have to make this a pro-life subject? It's just a cool video, why add controversy? The majority of abortions are performed before 10 weeks, when it's just cells. There is no embryo, there is no baby. So you guys throw in this "Well, life beings at conception" routine. It's ridiculous. You show people, CHILDREN, horrific pictures of cut up babies? Did you know that those pictures account for 1% of actual abortions? The rest are medical procedures when the baby died or was endangering the mother. Stop being political and over-the-top just because you're on the internet. Also, even a fetus in the first few months doesn't have fingerprints. By all means, adopt the thousands of young children in orphanages, some with handicaps, looking to be adopted. Then when abortion is out-lawed you can adopt even more! Yay, because the number would triple. 300,000+ children without homes and families so you can feel morally better. Calling someone a "murderer" because mistakes happen, rape happens, is so extremely harsh. You don't know what people go through, and you have such judgement? I really hope you don't walk around in your every day life with such an attitude.

  9. Jan Barnes

    Stop the "Pro Life" arguments and appreciate that WHEN LIFE (meaning cognizance) actually occurs that we are pre-destined to fight or flight. For the "PRO-LIFE-ERS"…. let me know when YOUR 1st memory is….then tell me what to do with MY body… otherwise SHOVE OFF.

  10. Sharon Wright

    its amazing how the media can dub something as a "fight" and we all flock to see it. I see ultrasounds on a regular basis…all that was was regular fetal movement…twins compete for space all the time….

  11. John Henry

    I was trying to find the right words to say what I wanted to say BUT you hit the nail right onthe head. Amen… :)

  12. John Henry

    If they have a heartbeat, fingerprint, and dna, then they are a person and whoever takes away their heart beat is a murderer.

  13. Tiffany Buyatte

    I didn't see fighting..I saw one kicking the other one and then the other just looked like it said something…lol Poor little guy looks squished and much smaller than the other.

  14. Adrienne Dibsie

    Of course life begins in the one is debating that. Abortions are performed because the child is unwanted or would cause the mother fatal consequences. Prevention should bring people on both sides of this ongoing fight together. Imagine fewer unwanted pregnancies in this world….

  15. Jamie Nentwick

    i would imagine there would already be tax on it since it is a purchase.

  16. Anonymous

    Sharon, I think the word "fight" was overstating moving position, but for you to see it on a regular basis is great for you. For those of us who don't see ultrasounds daily, it is an amazing and precious thing to see, how great to be reminded that these are babies, who, judging by the way the little guy was squished in the corner, do feel pain and discomfort.

  17. Shelley Brooke King-Norman

    My oldest twin actually was positioned with his feet almost directly on my younger twins head. Needless to say, my youngest boy came out with a bruised forehead. Ironically this still remains the case today. My oldest twin still bullys the younger one a bit.

  18. Anonymous

    Stephani Sinclair Coker It is not the government's business now that you have successfully had the Supreme Court rule that your SELFISH action is not murder. How can you be so hypocritical in your approach to life that you think it is okay to kill a human in the womb, but it is reprehensible to treat animals poorly?

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