Demi Lovato's lion tattoo could reflect latest trend in ink design

Demi Lovato Tattoo: Lion Tattoos The New Rage In Ink Design?

When Demi Lovato’s tattoo was first posted on social media, it had tongues wagging about the singer’s choice of design being not very original. Apparently, a number of celebrities already have the same ink style, prompting some to comment on social media that the singer might have copied other stars.

Late last month, Demi Lovato’s tattoo became a hot topic among fans when the star posted a photo of her new animal-inspired ink on Instagram. The new tattoo, which covers the back of her left hand, has a lion design.

Eagle-eyed observers were quick to point out that Demi’s new tattoo is very similar to other celebrities’ designs. In particular, she was accused of copying the ink design of Cara Delevingne, who also has a lion tat located on her index finger.

But Demi Lovato later explained that her decision to choose a lion tattoo is not meant to copy anyone’s style. Simply put, getting inked is becoming more popular these days that any design one chooses is bound to match someone else’s. Of course, that does not mean one is copying the other’s style.

Similarities between Demi Lovato and Cara Delevingne’s lion tattoos are unavoidable. Apparently, both stars had their ink designs done by the same tattoo artist, New York-based Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy.

But Cara Delevingne and Demi Lovato are not the only celebrities with lion-inspired inks. In fact, the list of stars with lion tattoos compiled by Twist Magazine include some of the biggest names in the industry, indicating that the king of the jungle could be the latest rage in tattoo design.

Liam Payne

For instance, Liam Payne once trolled fans by posting a photo of a new lion tattoo on his left arm on social media back in 2015. However, the One Direction star also has a real lion crest tattoo on his arm.

Justin Bieber also sports a lion tattoo
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Justin Bieber

Meanwhile, Justin Bieber is living proof that one can’t have too many tattoos. The music artist recently added two animal-inspired ink designs to his body art collection. In March, he was tattooed with a bear design on his right chest. A week later, he added a lion tattoo, which is located on his left chest, to his body art.

Ed Sheeran

Back in 2015, Singer and songwriter Ed Sheeran posted on Instagram his huge lion tattoo, which quickly became the subject of social media conversation. The huge ink design, which covers the center of his chest, did not sit well with some fans, with some referring to the tattoo as “stupid.” In an interview, Sheeran later explained the significance of his choice of tattoo design, adding that he thinks it’s cool and doesn’t really care much about other people’s opinions.

Rumer Willis

Another celebrity who opted get a lion tattoo is Rumer Willis, who is the daughter of Holywood actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore. Rumer, who made her mark on Dancing with the Stars, sports a huge lion tattoo on her left arm, which makes sense because her astrological sign is Leo.

The Meaning Of Demi Lovato’s Tattoo

At the moment, Demi has yet to give an explanation why she specifically chose a lion design for her latest ink. While it is possible that she might have chosen the design because it’s trendy, it is likewise possible that choosing the lion may have a more artistic significance for her.

In a previous report by the Inquisitr, the lion tattoo might have some connection with Demi Lovato’s artistic expression. Confident, her 2015 album, contains a song titled “Lionheart.” The song is particularly meaningful to her, as it reminds her of her pet dog, Buddy, a tiny puppy who had the heart of a lion.

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