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‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Dennis Shares All Drugs Test Results Post-Rehab [UPDATE}


It seems that each week when a new episode of Southern Charm airs, there is a new article that claims that Kathryn Dennis has failed a drug test, but after months of keeping her lips sealed, Kathryn has spoken out and publicly released all of her drug tests, from Labor Day to the present. And while it is unclear who has been sharing gossip with various media outlets, it seems that those names might also be released very soon, or at least as soon as Kathryn Dennis’ lawyers allow her to.

And while the Southern Charm star is finally able to share documents to prove that she has been telling the truth, new information has surfaced showing that the producers of Southern Charm have been doing some creative editing that made it seem that Thomas Ravenel and Landon were having a bit of a romance, according to the Inquisitr. Recently, Landon gave an interview, claiming that during Southern Charm Season 4, that she never dated Thomas. On top of that, Thomas Ravenel has now started sharing that he is dating a 32-year-old nurse from Santa Barbara, California, as she started appearing in his social media feed.


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Realitytea broke the news that they are now in possession of all of the drug tests that Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has taken since she returned from rehab at the end of the summer. Kathryn said that until this time, she was not allowed to share the results, but her legal team has now given their okay. She said that making sure that her tests were clean was critical, as she is fighting to get joint custody of her children she shares with Southern Charm costar Thomas Ravenel, toddlers Kensie and Saint.

“Making sure that my tests are absolutely clean each month is the most important thing I have ever done. That is the only way I can get shared custody of Kensie and Saint, and that is what I am doing.”

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Kathryn said she had been eager to share the results, but was told by her legal team that she just needed to turn the other cheek and ignore all of the stories in the press, which she says has been frustrating, as she knew she had passed her tests.

“Hearing the rumors, that I was seen here or there, that I was high, or in the company of drug dealers, it’s all ridiculous and it’s all lies.”

Kathryn says that even though it was reward enough to know that she had been living a clean life, it was hurtful to read, almost weekly in the media that she was using drugs, and failing drug tests, as it made it look like she was not making her kids a priority.


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Kathryn says she realizes that people are going to believe what they want, but at least she can now share the documents that prove that she was telling the truth. And while on Southern Charm Season 4 there are still some doubters, Kathryn does have a few cast members that believe that she has been working hard to live a clean and sober life. Shep, Craig, Naomie, Elizabeth, and Danni are all supporting Kathryn, believing that she turned over a new leaf in rehab last summer.

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While some Southern Charm cast members are still on the fence, Kathryn is hoping that the results of the drug tests will prove that she is truly living a new life.

Why do you think people are still insisting that Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has failed her drug tests?

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