Romo Breaks Record Touchdown Passes For Dallas Cowboys

Romo Breaks Record Touchdown Passes For Dallas Cowboys

Arlington, TX – Tony Romo had broken the record touchdown passes for the Dallas Cowboys franchise. According to Fox News, Tony Romo broke the record of Troy Aikman when the Cowboys were taking on the Philadelphia Eagles. Romo threw the Cowboys record-breaking 166th touchdown pass on a third-quarter pass to Dez Bryant that tied the game, 17 to 17. The Cowboys went ahead to score several more touchdown passes in the final quarter, bringing the finally victory to 38 to 33.

While Tony Romo broke Troy Aikman’s old record, the Cowboys quarterback has a long ways to go to match Aikman’s three Super Bowl victories. Breaking a record will be nice to look back on, but Tony Romo just wants to focus on the now, winnings games for his teams to get back into the NFL playoffs.

“That kind of gets put aside, obviously, when you’re playing and right in the middle of where we are at with the playoff picture,” Tony Romo said. “Saying all of that, it’s a neat thing when you look at the other guys. Troy, obviously, being a guy if you’re in any discussion with him in anything, you’re doing something right.”

The record-breaker is described as “vintage Romo.” He moved down the defensive line only to throw at Bryant, who was forced to scramble past the the Eagle’s defense.

“To me, I can still picture him when he would walk out there when he first got on the Cowboys,” owner Jerry Jones said. “Defensive coaches would just pull their hair out with frustration because they couldn’t stop him on the field. They would say, ‘Well, he has to play right. He can’t throw across the defense. He can’t be shoving that ball in the middle of these defensive players. That won’t win in the NFL.'”

While Tony Romo breaking the record touchdown passes for the Cowboys football team is good, he still has a long ways to go in his career as a quarterback. The NFL career record for passing touchdowns is 508, which was set by Brett Favre. Do you think Romo has a chance at attaining that career high, or at least winning this year’s Super Bowl?