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Hayley Hasselhoff, Daughter Of David Hasselhoff, Faces DUI Charges

David Hasselhoff has had a long struggle with alcoholism, and it now seems he’s not the only one in the family to have developed a drinking problem if this past weekend is any indication. Hayley Hasselhoff, who is David’s 24-year-old daughter and also an actress, is following in her father’s footsteps with her first DUI arrest, stemming from an incident that occurred this weekend. While Hayley has yet to make a statement about the incident, details surrounding Ms. Hasselhoff’s arrest suggest she was fortunate in as far as no one was harmed.

Hayley Hasselhoff Faces DUI Charges

The New York Daily News reports that Hayley, best known for her roles in Fearless (2015) and Sharknado 4: The 4th Awakens (2016), was involved in an incident that resulted in her arrest for driving under the influence on Mother’s Day. Hasselhoff was driving her Mercedes Benz on the Los Angeles freeway when she lost consciousness in the driver’s seat with her foot pressed against the brake pedal.

Police arrived at 4 a.m. and found Ms. Hasselhoff slumped over the steering wheel of her car, which was sitting idle on an off-ramp of Route 101. Officers managed to wake Hayley up and convinced the actress to roll down her window so they could take control of the vehicle.

Hayley Hasselhoff, DUI
Hayley Hasselhoff is facing DUI charges. [Image by Michael Buckner/Getty Images]

Upon stopping Hasselhoff’s Mercedes Benz, police reported that she smelled of alcohol. Hayley was then given a field sobriety test, which she failed.

Ms. Hasselhoff was arrested for driving under the influence, and her car was impounded. Police took the actress to the hospital for a full medical evaluation before taking her in to be booked on DUI charges and locked up in Van Nuys jail.

Hayley is scheduled to appear in court on June 7, where she will answer to misdemeanor DUI charges.

Hayley Hasselhoff Lived a Troubled Childhood: “I Was Picked on a Lot as a Child”

Hayley Hasselhoff, plus size
Hayley Hasselhoff says she was fat shamed in school. [Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]

Alcoholism isn’t the only challenge facing Hayley Hasselhoff. As the actress recently revealed to the Telegraph, she lived a troubled childhood, having been bullied by her classmates throughout her school years. Ms. Hasselhoff blames the bullying on the fact that she matured far earlier than the other girls her age, and that drew the attention of both boys and girls.

Hayley shares that she was wearing a bra by the time she was 9-years-old, adding that her body was fuller than most girls her age.

“One time that most stands out is during a dance at school. I heard this boy say, ‘I got the fat girl.’ Afterwards, I told my mother, ‘Don’t ever make me go again.’ It was awful,” recalls Hasselhoff. “But I just wasn’t formed the same way as everyone else.”

Maturing earlier than normal has earned Hayley greater attention in more ways than one. The bullies aren’t the only one to notice her. At age 14, she was signed as a plus-size model with a talent agency. Hasselhoff’s most recent modeling campaign is for the British plus-size fashion house Elvi.

While Hayley doesn’t condemn the “plus-size” label, she says she doesn’t see herself that way. To Ms. Hasselhoff, she’s just a normal young woman. Still, she admits that her weight does sometimes get away from her.

Hasselhoff recalls one incident when a modeling agent told her she was “unrecognizable” because she had gained weight. Hayley disagreed, insisting that she was still the same size she had always been.

“I told her, ‘Measure me. I will get naked if you want me to.’ So she did – and I’d gained half an inch,” reveals Hasselhoff. “I felt I’d let myself down. It shows how it’s cutthroat in plus-size, too, just like in regular modeling.”

Now, Hayley pursues a healthier lifestyle, incorporating workouts into her daily routines. She boxes with a trainer and does pilates on her own. While Ms. Hasselhoff tries to stay upbeat, she admits she still has her bad days. On those days, she copes by presenting herself as best as she can. That involves body smoothing undergarments, such as a properly fitted bra and Spanx.

“It’s not about slimming yourself, but smoothing yourself. I have dieted, but never for someone else – only ever for myself,” said Hayley Hasselhoff.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]