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Former WWE Talent Cameron Says She Does Not Date Black Guys – Here’s Why

In the WWE, Ariane Andrew (formerly known as Cameron) did not achieve much success in the ring, although her character had the potential to go further. Despite not going far in the ring, she gained a significant level of popularity after being chosen as one of the cast members for E!’s Total Divas show. During this time, the show filmed the backstage life of Ariane, highlighting key moments during her run with the WWE. Along with that, WWE filmed the ups and downs she had with her boyfriend, Vincent Isayan.

The relationship between the two appeared to be quite solid based on Total Divas portraying how much they were committed to each other. However, Ariane announced on a May 2016 episode of The Steve Austin Show that the two are no longer dating.

While the topic of interracial dating is not typically buzzworthy, especially since recent research data shows that nearly one-fifth of African-American newlyweds married outside of their race, Ariane managed to create buzz based on her adamant refusal to date within her race.

TMZ caught up with Ariane, and she started off with endorsing The Rock as president, saying that he has what it takes to fulfill the role. Ariane stated that although not every wrestler has the ability to be president, Dwayne Johnson can successfully campaign and win the office position.

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The conversation then took a sharp turn as she was asked if she dates black guys. Ariane responded with her dating preference.

“I actually don’t date black guys. I don’t know, I just have a thing for white boys. You know, a little vanilla and a little choco latte. They make cute babies.”

There were a variety of reactions to her comments. Some felt that this should not have been a story, as no one would have cared if it was the other way around. Others believed that the reason why Ariane made those comments is because she wanted attention and hope that this story does not gain much exposure. Tying in the first part of her candid interview, others doubted that she would reject an offer from The Rock if he wanted to date her, further solidifying that her comments were for show.

After gaining popularity on Total Divas, Ariane as Cameron – as well as Brodus Clay’s Funkadactyl along with Naomi – started to venture off and compete as a single’s competitor. Ariane turned heel on her dance partner Naomi, even defeating her at the BattleGround pre-show. Cameron would engage in other matches during her time on the main roster, but the lack of progression caused her to not be heavily involved in any major storylines.

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Ariane even returned to NXT to revamp her character, similar to what it did for Tyson Kidd and Zack Ryder. While this was seemingly a good move, Cameron still did not have an opportunity to commence a push in NXT and, in fact, experienced a losing streak starting with her loss against Asuka when she returned to NXT. Ariane was released from her WWE contract in early 2016.

For the past year, Ariane has not been widely publicized in the media. However, TMZ did find her celebrity enough to inquire about her thoughts on The Rock becoming president of the United States. It was quite interesting how that conversation detoured into her preference of white guys and how they make cute babies.

Following WWE, it was clear that Ariane did not have any interest in competing for independent promotions, as she has not continued to hone her craft in the ring after leaving the company. From her social media, it appears as if modeling and acting are her current concentrations.

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