Ryan Edwards attends his son's graduation.

Ryan Edwards’ Fiancee Mackenzie Standifer Looks Back On Their Relationship

As Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer continue to plan their upcoming wedding, Standifer is staying active online and keeping her fans and followers in the loop with their relationship.

Over the weekend, before celebrating Mother’s Day, Ryan Edwards’ fiancee took to Twitter where she looked back on her romance with her soon-to-be-husband and revealed that most of their early dates took place in the morning because of her unconventional work schedule.

“This time one year ago [Ryan Edwards] was taking me on dates. A majority of them occurred at 7 am because of never ending #NightShift. #ohhowiloveyou,” she wrote on May 13.

Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer began dating one another in early 2016 after he split from Jordan Brown after a short-lived romance. Then, in December of last year, after Standifer caught the bouquet at the wedding of Ryan Edwards’ ex-girlfriend, Maci Bookout, and her husband, Taylor McKinney, they became engaged.

A short time later, as she began to post about her engagement to Ryan Edwards on social media, Standifer spoke to MTV News about the moment Edwards got down on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage as they enjoyed a dinner cruise on a river boat in Tennessee.

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“I just thought we were going on a date, but he rented out a riverboat and nobody was there,” Standifer revealed to the outlet. “It was just us on a riverboat, on the water, and it was beautiful. We finished dinner, and we were looking at each other. He asked me to stand up, and that’s when asked.”

In the months leading up to Ryan Edwards’ proposal, he and Standifer discussed the possibility of spending their future together. However, when it came time for Edwards to get down on one knee, Standifer was completely caught off guard.

Now, as she and Ryan Edwards prepare to say “I do,” Standifer claims their engagement is starting to feel “real.”

“We already booked the church — we’re getting married in November 2017,” she continued. “It was where Jen and Larry got married.”

Ryan Edward hasn’t been very active on social media in recent months, but luckily for fans, his fiancee has kept them in the loop with the process of wedding planning and recently shared a photo of herself and a few friends at a bridal boutique in Tennessee.

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Although it is not yet clear whether Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney will be invited to Ryan Edwards’ upcoming wedding, she recently spoke of how her relationship with Standifer differs from her relationship with Edwards’ past girlfriends.

“I think it’s much healthier than [Ryan Edwards’] relationships in the past,” Bookout explained to OK! Magazine last month. “She’s very mature and she’s taken some of the pressure off of the two of us.”

“[Mackenzie Standifer] has a child so she understands that when I may say something… [Ryan Edwards] may take it one way and she can kind of explain, ‘No, this is what she’s talking about,'” Bookout said. “Then, if [Ryan Edwards] ever wants to ask me something or tell me something than she is able to be like, ‘This is how you should go about it.'”

“She’s kind of doing what we were both trying to do the whole time but were incapable of doing,” Maci Bookout added.

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