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Roman Reigns Is Hated For All The Wrong Reasons, Say Some Experts

Roman Reigns is one of those superstars that always seems to find himself in the news, either for the right reasons or the wrong ones. While he’s one of the most popular wrestlers today — if not the most popular wrestler today — he doesn’t come without his detractors or critics.

But, according to some WWE superstars — whom all seem to be fans of Roman Reigns, claiming that, his superstar status aside, he’s one of the greatest technical wrestlers of his generation — people who hate him do so for all the wrong reasons.

JBL is the latest to take on Roman Reigns haters, according to the Wrestling Rumors Blog. John “Bradshaw” Layfield is one of the color commentators on SmackDown Live, and on the latest episode of Bring it on the Table, he pointed out why the “haters” of the Roman Empire were hating him for the wrong reasons.

“Roman Reigns has good match, after good match, after good match. I mean, the guy is the future of this company. And people who want to hate him, please continue to do it. It certainly is your right, but you’re hating him for the wrong reason. This guy goes out and puts out quality after quality [match] every single night.”

Meanwhile, according to The Auburn Citizen, Roman Reigns will soon be reuniting with Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins to re-form The Shield, especially now that all of the superstars are on Monday Night Raw.

When Dean Ambrose was on SmackDown, the possibilities of a Shield reunion were slim and none. Now, however, with all three of the original Shield members on the Monday Night Raw roster — the first time since the group broke up in 2014 — there’s a strong possibility we’ll see the Shield back together again soon.

“A Shield reunion could be the soft reboot all three of its former members need. It could be the way Ambrose redefines his shallow “Lunatic Fringe” character and even shallower wrestling style. It could be the way Rollins deepens his character beyond “Freakin'” and maybe reins in his tendencies toward dangerous excess in the ring. It could be the way WWE figures out exactly what the hell it’s trying to accomplish with Reigns. It could be what WWE fans have wanted since June 2014 — and what Ambrose, Rollins and Reigns have needed for some time now.”

Meanwhile, tonight on Raw, Roman Reigns is still dealing with the fallout of the Braun Strowman injury. Since a lot of the hype around this feud was dispersed when Strowman went out for the count with an injury, there’s some question about “what’s next” for the two.

The outlet suggests that this “outage” makes Reigns more of a babyface than before, which may not be what fans want to hear since they seem to like it when Reigns is a heel.

“These reactions skew more positive or negative depending on Reigns’ opponent. Against a pure heel like Sheamus, Reigns’ WWE Championship victory in December 2015 was cheered in the same city that all but chased him out of the Wells Fargo Center with pitchforks after he infamously won the 2015 Royal Rumble. Against Strowman, however, who impressed WWE’s male demographic with eye-catching stunts, chants of “thank you, Strowman” and “you deserve it” were directed at a hobbled Reigns every time The Monster Among Men would get the better of the former Shield member.”

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